Easy SEO tip to boost your existing content and really increase your traffic

Last Update: May 29, 2020

Are you improving your existing content? making your good content even better?

Google likes fresh content, but it does not always need to be NEW, what about giving more to Google of what Google already likes?

I did a training about this easy SEO strategy a while back:

How This Easy SEO Tactic Can Help You Boost Your Traffic...

I can testify that this easy SEO tactic really works! The post that I show in this example was my top ranking post (long form content) and has consistently been getting a lot of impressions on Google Search Console. And as it ages like a good bottle of wine, and keeps appearing to people to help them with what they are looking for, Google shows it with even more search phrases. This does really highlight the power of organic SEO and getting on Page 1 of Google.

I knew I could do more with this "pillar post" but as I was learning and trying to make more content...I wasn't sure initially. As I've progressed throught the awesome training here on Wealthy Affiliate and some research. I have learned to implement this easy method of giving more to Google to what Google already recognizes.

I added some more keywords from Google Search Console keyword suggestions in the right context and maintaining the flow of the article and....bingo. (check out the training)
It is already ranked on page 1 on Google, Bing and Yahoo and is regularly in the top 1-2 spots! since implementing this simple method a few times a year.

Of course I used Jaaxy and my keyword list to keep track of those new keywords.

Here's the screenshot from today, look at the impressions and click in the last 3 months alone:

This continues to show me that Wealthy Affiliate's training delivers and is a confidence booster. Look I also want to give hope to any Wealthy Affilaite member who's struggling with working hard but not getting any joy from Google.

Why don't you improve your existing content? And make your good content even better?

How This Easy SEO Tactic Can Help You Boost Your Traffic...

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