I Got a Raise! Yup, My Boss Loves Me!

Last Update: August 16, 2016

So it's the 1st of August and I looked at my bank statement, just to find out I got a raise. I just added another $1k to my monthly income. Yay me!

Sorry if you thought I was going to tell you a nice little story from work, but I'm not. I am the boss and I decide who gets raises around here (talking to myself of course).

In the world of online marketing, we give ourselves the raise and we also cut pay. How, you might ask?

Well, we control everything we do and if you put in the work to get you there, you will be able to give yourself a raise every day, week, month, and year.

Work Hard = More Pay

Every month I aim at making more money (the raise) than I did the previous month. Yes, that is my goal, but before any of that, I focus on one thing.


How to Give Yourself a Raise?

You work! I can promise you that the month will fly by and most of you will look back at the 3 posts you did the whole month.

That my friend is exactly how you cut your pay. Just like anything in life, you have to work at it. One month is not a long time and it will go by faster than you think.

Why not put in the work to get you to where you want to be? Isn't that what you joined this site for in the first place?

Quit checking your stats, quit worrying about your rank, and quit worrying about everything that is not work.

Unless of course you're still going through one of the courses.

Now if you have yet to make that first $1 online, this is also the same thing you need to do to get there.

Once you make that first sale, it is all a matter of making more.

Stick to the game plan and always look at giving yourself a raise every single month.


- John

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cosmicradio Premium
Right on, John-We gotta keep on giving ourselves those raises!
CHibbins Premium
Thanks John!
BenTy Premium
Hey John, I really enjoyed reading this piece..much thanks for the reinforcement..reminded me of a quote from James Allen's "As a man Thinketh"......<In all human affairs there are efforts, and there are results, and the strength of the effort is the measure of the result>.
roses15 Premium
Thank you John for sharing a boost of confidence...I have gotten my raise, differently than I thought, but it has absolutely been real:)
Have a great day!
jmatos Premium
Very true, thanks John!
brooksbode90 Premium
Very helpful information, John. Thanks.
makethiswork Premium
Hi John
very smart good information
Ivine Premium
Hi John, a most enjoyable post. Irv.
misticbaby Premium
Great job John, I know that you're happy about your accomplishment.
JudeP Premium
You've hit the nail on the head!
debrakirk Premium
Thanks John great post
wardchambre Premium
Thank you for the great post. Congratulations. Also thanks for your encouragement
dismany Premium
Thanks for that John and congrats!!! Great boss you have!
OldMCSEGuy Premium
I will probably NEVER earn what I did as an IT Professional... but I do not need to. In 2012 My little company was making $20,000 per month. With half of the employees that I have now. That is our goal for next year. We no longer have the tools that we had back then. I am in my last few days at WA so I know once I don't have this distraction, we will make our goal.

Good job on the raise.
Biggsta Premium
Yay John great job. I can't wait to get a raise as well. I'm going to keep working hard. Thanks for sharing. Gives me motivation.
trailhound Premium
Thanks, for reminding me who makes it happen. Great post, John.
JonStevens Premium
bjdluna Premium
Very motivating post, John! I have to change something because I'm making nothing.
MPollock Premium
Great work.