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So I am finally getting around to doing my blog post for the super affiliate conference in Las Vegas for 2018 and it's just something I needed to do, especially with the fact that I didn't do one for last year.Please do excuse my lack of pics as I got carried away with other things and completely forgot to take some!The pic above is not even the right way, so just tilt your head to the left and you will see things better, lol. So some of you may know that this is my 3rd time making it to the co
"Blogging is not for me""I don't know how to write""I don't have time for this"The excuses as to why someone is not making it in the online world is getting really old and I figured a nice little post will help some of you break out of this wrong mindset.Just like a lot of you, I didn't intend on starting a blog and I never even thought I'd be writing as I know for a fact that my content was beyond horrible in my early days.Did that stop me?Of course not.The thing about this whole blogging thin
November 27, 2016
Okay, I think Black Friday has been over for a couple of days now, but the offer here at WA is still available to everyone.Besides the amazing savings that you get ($289 off) I think it is a great investment and not just to save you a lot of money.I like to look at it as an investment for your future and a way to get you committed to what you came to do here in the first place.Those Monthly Payments Suck...I KnowHaving to deal with a monthly payment of $49 is always going to be in your head and
So it's the 1st of August and I looked at my bank statement, just to find out I got a raise. I just added another $1k to my monthly income. Yay me!Sorry if you thought I was going to tell you a nice little story from work, but I'm not. I am the boss and I decide who gets raises around here (talking to myself of course).In the world of online marketing, we give ourselves the raise and we also cut pay. How, you might ask?Well, we control everything we do and if you put in the work to get you ther
So we were heading to the waterpark and I decided to take a quick look at what came in the mail. I was waiting on a book I ordered about two weeks ago, but I actually ran into something better.I rarely look forward to anything in an envelope because it's usually some type of bill or nothing interesting at all. After turning it to the front I saw that it was from an affiliate program that I joined a couple of months ago.Well wuddya know, it wasn't a bill.You've Got Commissions!After opening the
February 15, 2016
Of course not. Personally, I think the service here at WA is waaaaaaaaay too cheap.Up until this day, I am still blown away at what is offered here that it still has me saying, wow!As a matter of fact, I never got to taste the discount that they offer now. I had to pay $47 up front, and I still don't regret it.For the most part, there are really two types of people that I come across when it comes to taking action here at WA.The SkepticSome people just don’t know where to start. They want
February 01, 2016
So I am on my way back from the WA super affiliate conference that took place in no other place than Las Vegas, Nevada.First, I’d like to thank Kyle and Carson for not only inviting me and paying for almost everything, but for being so real.I still get goosebumps thinking about my experience there as I sit on this plane heading home. Can you believe they don’t serve free food anymore? What happened to the “chicken or beef” question? $13 for a sub? No thanks. Lost enough
Alright WA peeps, I created my FB fan page a while ago but never really got jiggy with it. Can you please like my page? If you have a fan page I will return the favor. Thanks!
Getting your own domain name is almost a must if you want to do business online, and if you have been doing online marketing for a while now, you will already know this.Getting Your Domain Too many of you are afraid to purchase a $13 domain but I really don't get it. It's your business and it is what will get you paid. You have to invest money to make money right? This is probably the cheapest business to get started and thanks to WA, we all can benefit from it. So what about the domain na
April 04, 2012
I started WA about a year ago now. I was so excited when I first found this site, but life happened. I had so much going on that I couldn't focus on what I was even doing here in the first place. I quit WA and focused on what needed to be taken care of at the time and got through the BS. I didn't quit WA because I didn't believe in it, but because of my personal issues. Along with my real life problems I couldn't focus on building my business. I didn't make a $1 online and I couldn't f