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Hi my namne is Helena Johansson and Im from Sweden.

I always been in to team sport, Handball. After playing for many years the day came when i hade to stop because of injurys. I whent trough a total hippreplacement, after month of rehab training i was back and tryed to fine something els to do in my speartime. I when to my first Zumba Fitness class and just loved it, dancing and good training at the same time.

As a proffecsion I'v been in to Sales in the groceries market, after many years out in the fields i got my self an education in marketing and got a jobb as a conceptdeveloper. I gave it one and a half year an then i realised it was the wrong thing for me to be working in a big headoffice.

In the spring of 2013 me and my daughter whent on holyday to Cape Verde and the Island Sal.
I feel in love with the Island, beatiful long beaches, relaxing no-stess peopel and a lot of music and dancing.

Back in Sweden i asked for leave of absence and got it for 8 month, so i moved to Cape Verde and started Zumbaclasses for the turists and the locals.
I got back to Sweden in the summertime and i wanted to go back, so this time i resigned and whent back for an other 8 month.
In this time i hade three articals in Swedish magasin about my journey, moving to Africa, a small Island in the middle of the Atlantic, living my dream. People like to read and get inspired from storys like that.

But i diden get rich in money but it is the best thing i ever done.

I been thinking about making a webbsite an share my experians and give traveling tips. And why not make some money out if it!

Im new at this so i need some help,that's why Im here ????
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TopAchiever Premium
Hi Helena! I came across a comment you made in the topic of transferring a website to a domain. Hope you managed to succeed with the move.

Just wanted to offer any help you need with English. Let me know.
BelieveItYes Premium
Thank you for following me! =) I'm looking forward to working with you!
Have a lovely day
BReynolds Premium
Hi Helena, thanks for the follow!
Labman Premium
Hi and welcome to WA, Thanks for following me back.
SelvieRoos Premium
Hello. Enjoy the step by step training. You are home now.
divadejunk Premium
Welcome to WA. Congratulations on upgrading to Premium. You made a wise decision. WA is the best place I've found to build and grow a successful on-line business. Follow the lessons and be sure to ask questions. All the best to you.
Dmorrow Premium
Hello and welcome to Premium!
Tracey5259 Premium
Hey Helana! Just stopped by to see how everything is going.. I also have joined a few days ago and just trying to help people with any questions in regard to the baby steps :)
Kyle Premium
Sounds like you really love to travel, I do as well. One thing that is truly awesome about the Internet is that it allows you to work from wherever you like (wherever you have an Internet connection). It is a beautiful thing!

As you go through the training, you are going to learn how to build out your own successful business in the niche of your choice. Take whatever passion or interest you have and build yourself a business that can worked on from anywhere in the world (and will afford you the ability to travel more!).

Anyways, if you ever need a hand with anything moving forward Helena, please do let me know and I will give you a hand.

PS. I hope you are having an awesome week thus far!
johansson669 Premium
Hi Kyle, thanks for your message.
Yes i love to travel, and after been working alot with tourist i know they love to get more personal traveling tips and not just the ones the agencys provide.
So i hope my website gives them that and that i also can get a profit from it.
Im soon finich my education steps and Im really enjoy it and learn a lot.
I get back to you if i need some help.
Kyle Premium
Excellent Helena as you do move through the training let me know if you need anything. Chat soon!
keye Premium
Hello Helena!

Great to see you here, welcome!

As I always tell people, fully utilize your basic membership here at WA. Test the waters out, attend the lessons, ask questions and chat with the community, and I am sure you will love the experience! :D

Alright, let's get rolling! Would recommend you to head over to the "Get Started" course and start some solid training! Enjoy and let me know if you need any help :)
JackCao Premium
Hey Helena, Jack here. Welcome to Wealthy Affiliate!

I'm glad to see you've signed up and are ready to get started.

Before you start making money, there are just two things you need to know.

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