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Last Update: October 01, 2018

I got some more training under my belt today. I completed two website reviews as tasks and it was a lot of fun! One of the sites was just great! Then other one was coming right along. I am wondering how much people want to be corrected on their grammar (as I am a member of the grammar police, lol) so I tried to balance grammar, content, and ease of use. It was great to see what I will soon have, as my site is at the baby stage with only 2 posts. Thanks for reading, make sure to like my post! (See, I learned that in ask for likes at the end of your blog post!!)

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AlexEvans Premium
Looks like you are enjoying the WA experience, Johanna, it is a work in progress, the more we do, the more momentum we create.

Giving feedback can be a balancing act, after a while, you get a sense for where the person is on their journey and a feeling for what would help them the most. Grammar is one of those critical elements, and one of those things that we can be unaware of, it can have a detrimental impact, so keep policing away.
j52powell Premium
I suggest to correct whatever you think is incorrect. If you see poor grammar, a reader may also see it and be turned off. It would be useful for the site developer to know.
Vickic3 Premium
Good work Johanna- Keep on progressing :)