Last Update: August 30, 2020

What is forgiveness?

It is the action or process of forgiving or being forgiven.

If you want to become successful in life or in business, learn how to forgive.

Walking in forgiveness. You must learn to forgive yourself and others.

You must forgive yourself and forgive those who have hurt you. Do not let the spirit of unforgiveness control your heart. Forgiveness brings freedom and joy.

The spirit of unforgiveness is like a cancer in the body and has the potential to destroy if not dealt with immediately.

Forgive yourself first then forgive others. It is not about others but YOU. Free yourself then enjoy life and your work.

Forgiveness helps you overcome fear.

Forgiveness can help to repair and restore relationship.


I hope and trust that you have enjoyed this post and you are starting to actualize and practice it to transform your whole life.

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Debbi26 Premium
That is a hard one to do but must be done. It's like setting yourself on fire to hurt the other person. That other person has power over you until you set yourself free. It took me a long time to GET it but it is a great feeling when it happened. It's like a weight lifted. Too bad my scale didn't show that weight gone but hey, small victories right?

JohaneG Premium
That is it, Debbi. Without forgiveness, there is no healthy life at all.
NicholaJames Premium
Hi Johane,

Thanks for sharing a great post about forgiveness! Indeed, we all need to be forgiven so we have to willing to forgive as well. It has been said that forgiveness is not for the other person it is for you so that you can free yourself from the burden of unforgiveness.

Wishing you the very best!

Kind regards,
JohaneG Premium
Hi, Nichola! Your comment is highly appreciated and it is very insightful too. Thank you for stopping by spending your time to read. Wishing you great success and good health.

My lovely regards,
NicholaJames Premium
You are welcome. Thank you!
WealthsGate Premium
One of the greatest stagnating "stagnator" is lack of forgiveness. Especially against yourself. And you know what, it is like tying yourself to the past, you don't forgive yourself in the future tense right?it is usually in respect to the past error(s) that you have committed. When you don't forgive yourself, you deprive yourself of thinking forward, so you don't move forward eventually. Forgive yourself and you'll be able to forgive others. I love this. Thanks for the post.
JohaneG Premium
Yes, thank you so much for your brilliant comment.
Mick-D Premium
Good post Johane.
It is a good idea to be nice to yourself as well as others.
JohaneG Premium
Thank you, Michael.
BSandlin1 Premium
Great post and thanks for sharing. Stay safe and have a great upcoming week.
JohaneG Premium
Thank you, BSandin1. Stay safe too and enjoy your week.