Helping Hand Turned Down

Last Update: September 04, 2015

Today it is pretty cold in Gauteng, South Africa but fortunately for me I love winter. So this morning my mother asked me to go and get some bread and Halls. As usual I went to market, picked up the bread and Halls and when I approached the cashier there was only one customer in front of me, an old man. Politely I asked him, "Sir, can I pay for your groceries?" He replied, "No,No!" in a very disgruntled attitude. I left it there and realized being the person that likes/loves to help people, you will always get people that treat you negatively irrespective of the fact that you only want to be a good Samaritan.

What I am actually trying to say is, it is just as important to receive help as giving it. I am not trying to show you that I am this perfect citizen in Christ's Kingdom. I serve people irrespective if they treat me good or bad. If you want to be successful in life and or business, you need to realize the importance of serving. All great men of wealth, learned to serve. There are multiple avenues where you can serve. And don't think for one second that you need money to serve. I have learned that there are many ways to help people.

There was once an owner of a business and had a lot of problems with certain employees. He decided to sell his business because it is not what it use to be. So he gets a buyer and the day he handed over the business he took the new owner through it, and introduced the employees. When he approached one of these troublesome employees he told the new owner that this guy should be fired because he screws up a lot and he is very unreliable. The new owner took it under advisement and said thanks for the heads-up. The next day the new owner started on his new business venture and as part of his business greeting ritual he went to everyone.

When he came to the troublesome employee he said the following,"Good day George, listen I want to congratulate you on doing such a fine job in your department. Thank you for your efforts, it is not going unrecognized." He then continued to the other workers. The following is fact: George did screw up a lot but, since the new owner spoke to him, his work performance and ethics took a great turn for the better.

Why and how did this happen? I will reveal in my next post sometime next week or on my new website. Hope this enlightened you. Have a blessed day...bye...

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CRobert Premium
Well said.
KaseDean Premium
Reading this was a truly great start to my day.

Thank you Johan. I look forward to your next post.

Have a wonder-filled day!
johandpl Premium
Hi Kase, I will do so and thank you very much for our recent chat. It was really awesome and can't wait for next week when I am finished with the first phase. You have a blessed day...bye...