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September 04, 2015
Today it is pretty cold in Gauteng, South Africa but fortunately for me I love winter. So this morning my mother asked me to go and get some bread and Halls. As usual I went to market, picked up the bread and Halls and when I approached the cashier there was only one customer in front of me, an old man. Politely I asked him, "Sir, can I pay for your groceries?" He replied, "No,No!" in a very disgruntled attitude. I left it there and realized being the person that likes/loves to help people, you
Just signed up and what a tremendous feeling. Now it's Premium Time for ME! Hooray, Hooray, it's off to WA Hooray!Success 1 - Achieved: Joining the High Ranks of WA. Oh What a Glorious Feeling, Oh What a Glorious Platform!WA - The Beginning of Something Amazing.WA - The Beginning of Something Strong.WA - The Beginning of Wealth.WA - The Beginning of Skyrebu.WA - The Beginning of Search.WA - The Beginning of Communion.WA - Success 1 of Infinity
Went through a lot of the training and found it to be extremely forthcoming. This training in the "Get Started Here" section is absolutely amazing and the simplicity is beyond this world. I signed up for the jaaxy site and will be testing it with my niche shortly. You guys at WA are really what I need. I have not signed up yet as a premium member because I want to see all the benefits of a starting member and will definitely be signing up tomorrow before the special offer expires.