Virtual Reality

Last Update: August 13, 2020

I happen to have several acquaintances and a circle of close friends whereas a few of them are concerned community members who is making a tremendous impact on intellectual matters.

Unfortunately, I'm not one of them. Around 20 years ago in my 30s, I was longing to reach out and find some ways to learn something new.

I guess we both all know that education held the key to success. So I was prompted to venture what's next to my expertise as a certified jack-of-all-trade, master-of-none. And that is to learn basic computer as a head start.

Definitely, learning computer is a virtual education who has tons of expanded features and filled with practical interaction, and with credible and compelling cognitive resonance.

Going online is a pivotal point for educational development that could also spark joy as we travel the outside world in the privacy of our own home even while doing the chores.

Personally, the year that I decided to learn virtual is the beginning of a new era. It really helps bolster my spirit of timidity and further enhance my uncultivated aptitude.

I remember one day while online, somebody mention that if you ask Google search one question, ten or more individual will answer that, almost the same idea and style but in a different angle.

With a healthy dose of respect, I highly appreciated the current events for social guidance as we are fed and receive the outcome of the curriculum.

The brainchild of the framework we are into is fervently abounds for outreach in order for us to soar academically.

Occasionally and in some respect, we are all mentors in a variety of ways and means. Doing some extensive research are part of the task that we are into and eventually ends with a merited favor.

Good day to all.


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JeffreyBrown Premium
Awesome, Joey!

RamiSociable Premium
From your lips to God's ears I believe is the saying Joey!! ;