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August 31, 2020
In these challenging times, working together and offering a helping hand can make a world of difference.Stressful it may seems but people who work as a frontliner can really give us some personal encouragement and appreciation.I know we all appreciated the bravery and compassion of those men and women who dedicated their time and effort in this catasthropic time to make this world a better place.It is with utmost important that we show our support as they continue their sacrifice that inspire h
August 28, 2020
Hello everyone,I'm very delighted that my article got indexed today,and I'm very exited to hear that and share it with you.Have a happy weekend.Stay safe.JOEY
August 18, 2020
Maybe you are in the process of creating something or looking forward to get within your grasp what you think is impressively essential to make your day since the last time you do the unthinkable.Experts say: Choosing a perfect one close to your heart is crucial.Sometimes we desperately try to impress ourselves by the simplicity of ones creation seamlessly done either by you or somenone else you tried to imitate once.You prefer that moment to be peacefully perfect although you overwhelmingly su
August 13, 2020
I happen to have several acquaintances and a circle of close friends whereas a few of them are concerned community members who is making a tremendous impact on intellectual matters.Unfortunately, I'm not one of them. Around 20 years ago in my 30s, I was longing to reach out and find some ways to learn something new. I guess we both all know that education held the key to success. So I was prompted to venture what's next to my expertise as a certified jack-of-all-trade, master-of-none. And that
August 11, 2020
So far with WA community in just two months, I can say never a dull moment learning the lesson. I found out that most of us here have put their heart and soul into helping generations of newcomers and the current in building a paramount structure on affiliate marketing. But I need to dwell to what is most comforting moment and that is getting online, learn the lesson, chat with my fellow website owners.A great day starts with a good vibe from all walks of life creating an oasis of calm even whe
August 08, 2020
I consider mistakes as a form of trial of some kind, knowing that this will produce endurance and have its perfect result.I believe only a persistent human being who fear not to face the test of time and struggle to know the difference between the superior and the inferior.Forget not the famous word, "No Guts, No Glory."One day as I was reading my newspaper when I stumble to one article and it quotes; A "pessimist" sees a calamity in every opportunity. An "optimist" sees an opportunity in every
One day I went to the grocery store with an empty stomach, obviously I was there to buy something raw for my familys regular home cook meal not the opposite. Because of that emptiness, I was tempted to buy this and that.What I did was way beyond my control.Then I went home just to found out that almost half of the stuff I bought was irrelevant. I hated myself that very moment; Why? because what happened to me is the one that's in my book that says "never do groceries with an empty stomach", bec
Who would have thought that I have reach this moment to blog just to let my new Wealthy Affiliate family how much I prosper. Honestly, I'm a bit slow in progression maybe because I got a low level of comprehension since then and now. I know its in my DNA.I never finish college at the right age but I know it's never too late to learn something new. So, I decided to take up a technical course on basic computer back in 2005 because I believe there's something "IN" me that can be work "OUT" for fut
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