Simplicity. it is still an art.

Last Update: December 05, 2019

I learned to fly an airplane at age 15 in 1953.

  • The first book I read was "Stick and Rudder" by Wolfgang Langewiesche .
  • A book written in 1944 and still in print.
  • He deals with the very basics of flight.
  • No radios, no instrument landings, no GPS, just basic flying.

Wolfgang would turn over in his grave if he saw today's cockpit!

  • Let;s apply this to our situation here at WA.
  • Training can be intense.
  • Building a website can be daunting.
  • Is building an online business a reality, or a fantasy?
  • So many great bloggers here it is intimidating.
  • Language is a real barrier... struggling with grammar and spelling.

Help... I'm falling!

  • You've just got to back off and take a look from a distance.
  • It's too easy to get close to the problem and not see a solution.
  • Trees... forest... I can't see!
  • Slow down! Quit trying to win a sprint... this is a marathon.
  • KISS it... Keep It Simple Stupid!
  • Don't make it more complicated .
  • Take one lesson at a time... ask the the tasks.

Quit trying!

  • Plugins... keywords... SEO... Niches... it's mind boggling!
  • Stick and Rudder... back to simplicity.
  • Restore the sanity! Step back from the brink.
  • Smell the roses.


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jojocinq Premium
Thanks for the encouragement
CherylStory Premium
Awesome post, Joe. You make it look so easy. Have a blessed day.
Joes946 Premium
It is.
timstime20 Premium
I love the smell of roses .....
stepping back can give a new perspective ... basics win the game
Joes946 Premium
Great Tim!
David960 Premium
Back to the basics. Good quality content.
HeidiAnders3 Premium
Absolutely sound advice, Joe!! Simples!🤗💚