Top 100 Rank - Unexpected Results of Effective Habits

Last Update: September 15, 2019

Differently to what may be one of the goals for many community members, it was not my goal to be part of the top 100 rankings, at least at this point. In my mind, this is a prestigious club in which only those qualified can participate. I had imagined myself being in this club at some time in the future, but I am humbled to have achieved it now.


As I considered this achievement, I wondered about the logarithms which resulted in these scores. Since I quickly concluded that this line of thought was above my level of understanding, I reflected on my objectives and the things that I have been doing since I started my training at Wealthy Affiliate.

These "things", which I complete on a daily basis, have now become habits. Given that these habits are so ingrained within me, it feels very uncomfortable when the day is coming to an end and I have not completed them. So, let's talk about these habits, but I need to mention the goal that triggered these habits first.

One of the most difficult things I have encountered in my life, is the art of capturing thoughts and ideas and transposing them to paper. In other words, "writing". The interesting thing is that all of us working towards success online need to do a lot of writing. Since having a successful online business is my goal, I needed to come up with a way of reconciling my personal challenge (writing) with my business objectives (having a successful online business).

I then came up with the formula: write as many quality mini-blog posts as I can. Regardless of how short or long these blog posts would be, I would try to write them with the best knowledge and skill I posses. I called these mini blog posts the "X"s. Have you heard the phrase "practice creates mastery"? Well, I do not think I have achieved mastery, but I believe that I am a lot closer than when first started with Wealthy Affiliate.

The theory is, if I could write enough of the mini blog posts within Wealthy Affiliate, I could gain the skills to start writing the more involved articles needed on my websites. Let's call the articles the "Y"s. Therefore, (X1 + X2 + X3.... + Xn) = Y. And the first habit was born, writing mini blog posts in order to practice and be better prepared to write the articles needed on my website.


The other habits I have adopted came from suggested actions included on an article presented during our Wealthy Affiliate training. This article encourages you to get involved in activities such as:

  • Congratulating those joining WA Premium membership
  • Commenting on at least 2 Goal Posts
  • Helping one person through the "Unanswered" tab dashboard

Here is the link to that training session:


It is important to note that being in the top 100 ranks is just the byproduct of the habits I picked up from our training. However, in addition to an unexpected ranking level, these habits have provided additional benefits.

First, as we congratulate new Premium members, it provides the assurance to recipients that the Wealthy Affiliate community cares about their success. From personal experience, that assurance goes a long way in building confidence as businesses are being created.

Second, setting goals is one of the most important steps towards success. As encouraging comments are provided in response to new members' goals, it ignites the "success cycle". This cycle includes goals setting, execution towards the goals, receiving feedback on the execution and adjusting as required. We can be part of many great beginnings.

Last but not least, responding to unanswered questions help all the parties involved. The individuals instructing are able to apply their knowledge in areas needed. Those receiving the responses would increase their knowledge. And after the Wealthy Affiliate platform captures the information, those interested on the topic would sharpen their skills and knowledge as the read the information recorded.

A big THANK YOU to you, Wealthy Affiliate Community!


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Xevi Premium
Congratulations! This is for sure the consequence of a good and hard work. The good things doesn't come for free ;)
jmh14 Premium
Completely agree with you Xevi. Good things do not come free. They are perfected over time. But remember to focus on your strengths.

Thank you for your comments!

Kghosh Premium
Hi Sir!
Very Well thought out article having many ingredients for success. I am also worried about my writing skills and definitely I have got some direction to improve on it. It shows that you have worked very hard to achieve this level.
Thank you, Sir! Your article has encouraged me a lot.
Thanks again,
My regards,
jmh14 Premium
We both have identified what has the potential to hold us back Kghosh. Now, all it takes is to address it head on.

Remember, the people who have the need for the products and/or services your business will provide will not be hurt by how amazing or not you write. They will pay more attention to and money for what you are offering and will appreciate you for your effort to continue to communicate better. Don't give up, continue to improve, but above all, focus on what you are best: THE SOLUTION (PRODUCT OR SERVICE) THAT YOU ARE PROVIDING TO OTHERS!

By the way, I understood perfectly the message you sent above. Does that tells you something?

DarrenNicola Premium
Congrats to you on making the top 100, well done on the progress you have made.
We wish you continued success with WA.
All the best and have a great weekend.
Darren & Nicola :)
jmh14 Premium
Thank you for your encouraging words and comments DarrenNicola!

ExpatMark Premium
Great job Joe! Congratulations. I know how much time and effort is required for that accomplishment.

jmh14 Premium
Thank you for your comments ExpatMark!
JKulk1 Premium
Congratulations on reaching the top 100 Joe. Jim
jmh14 Premium
Thank you for your comments JKulk1!