Why Did You Do That

Last Update: April 24, 2018

Why Did You Do That? I am asking about the creation of your master plan. No, not your business or your strategic marketing plan. If you do not have one you better get busy and learn how to discover your purpose in life. Why do you do what you do? It is a means to what end? I have been on this earth long enough to know what I am talking about.

Because, with time comes knowledge. And I am telling you, you better have an answer to all the above questions. Do not live day by day or say what comes must stay. I tell you now, such quotes will never be a part of my mindset. Moreover, to do so is to let someone else dictate what your life is to be.

This information age we are coming upon is going to bring clarity as to why we do or not do to the things we do.

I say this because of our ability to reason from opinionated people expressing their views any topic you can think of.

Furthermore, this vast means of communication makes me see that we are all looking for the answer to why we do what we do.

But you know what the answer is? My answer is to look at each other. The universality that we are all a part of brings the commonality in us that the majority of us do not see. Manipulative ways of the world blocks the true perspective of what living as humans is all about.

You may think living as one is a pipe dream. However, you were manipulated to live the life of chasing money and living for self. Why can't you be manipulated to world peace, morality charity, and humanity as priority one.

See, we are being manipulated from the time we wake up to when we go back to sleep. Because we do not recognize that the minute we wake up, we have all we need to affect change, and that is the ability to think for ourselves. Your free will to think and reason is being has been altered.

Moreover, our self-reliance been whittled away with by the advancement in technology. Learn to look inward for reasoning. Your self-awareness must be your source for acting and re-acting.

When I begin to think about life, I can get carried away. I hope I made my point, and that you may take something meaningful from what you may call my philosophy or my rant.

Thanks for the visit

Maurice Jackson

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firstlearn Premium
Hello Maurice, real mind blowing stuff. I try to change as I find new whys and wherefor's. It isn't always easy, but changes must take place.

LeeMcQuay Premium
Wow, what a way with words.
This was pretty deep, yet awesome my friend
The fact that I actually understand (at least I hope I do) just blows me away.
I change everything I can with my life that needs changed.
My life beginning as a child up until just a few years ago, had many things happening that I had no control of.
And when it would pass, I picked up and moved on.
It changed the path of which I was expecting to go, so I created a different path.
That is how I am now living a better life than I have in my 49 years of being on this planet. I owe God for giving me the strength to get through.
Best Of Luck In All You Do
Lee Ann
jmaurice Premium
Know that you using your valued time to visit and respondm about my work is appreciated.