It takes a whole village to raise a child

Last Update: January 06, 2018

If you come from the part of the world where I live, the concept of "community" is very big. Everyone is related to everyone just by virtue of coming from the same town.

This may not be absolutely unique to my neck of the woods and could possibly be true of other cultures as well; but it comes so strongly to mind because of the generosity so clearly displayed here at WA

It brings to mind a council of grey haired elders passing on their gems of wisdom around a woodstoked fire in the dead of the night in low tones with only the crickets punctuating their speech.....all the young listeners hanging on to every word.

Hats off to all the WA elders!!

Can one fail when there is an abundance of human resource to tap into and understudy? Not as far as I can see.

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sprbst53 Premium
Well said.
DEversley Premium
No, you can't! Great analogy Jacqueline.
Fleeky Premium Plus
Wisdom of the sages... how true
Wishing you a blessed and fruitfull 2018!