My Progress: Three Months at WA

Last Update: December 19, 2017

Three months ago, I signed up for Premium Membership. So I have actually been here three months and a few days.

In my one month report, I posted some ambitious goals. Let's see how I did.

Here is what I posted:

When I complete three months here:

  • I will have 90 pages of content on my site.
  • I will have completed the Online Entrepreneurs Cert.
  • I will be in the top 200.
  • I will be taking training as needed so that I can learn how to exploit social media
  • I will be helping others

Goal One: I missed by a mere 63 posts. Ouch. A Member posted to me after the one month report saying I may have bitten off more than I could chew. He was right. The goal was not realistic. Still, I should have more than 27 posts at this point.

Goal 2: I have 5 lessons to go to finish the online certification course. So, nope. Didn't make it. I'm close. I will have it done soon.

Goal 3: I am in the top 200.

Goal 4: I'm learning the social media. I will probably focus on Google+ and Facebook.

Goal 5: I do help others as well as I can. I still have a lot to learn.

Some things I am proud of.

  • I have done something here every day since I joined. Even when we were out of town at our nice's wedding I managed to greet a few newcomers and respond to a few blogs.
  • I am closing in on 700 followers. This encourages me.
  • I have website with 27 posts. I have written something like 37,000 words.
  • I still have great enthusiasm and passion for my niche and for WA.

My amended goals:

When I have completed six months I will:

  • Have 63 posts on my site.
  • Made my first sale
  • Have completed the Affiliate Bootcamp.
  • Have developed training.

It's been a blast. I have met so many nice people. I keep getting blown away by the generosity of the WAers.

Thank YOU WA folks. You guys rock.

May you achieve muchsuccess.

- Joe

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stawhu Premium
Congratulations, I have much to do also, good luck hope you make the rest
JLennon Premium
Thank you. Just stay at it. Even if you hit some times where you can do only a little bit, do it and you will be a little closer.
All the best,
TRPEng Premium
Good job
JLennon Premium
Thank you!
PatrickM1 Premium
Joe - Excellent progress. Congratulations!
HarveyBrown Premium
Congratulations Joe, the nice thing about goals is that they are not caste in concrete and are expandable or retractable.
JLennon Premium
That's very true. Thanks.
MKearns Premium
No reason you cant be in the top 100 in 1-2 weeks!
JLennon Premium
Thanks, Mike. Somehow, I managed to stumble into the top 100 today. I am grateful, but my top goal is still to have a profitable business.
MKearns Premium
Great!! Now on to Joe's Diner!