Why Follow the Trainings-A Newbies Perspective

Last Update: September 22, 2016

Why Follow the Trainings at WA

In just over a month's time I have blown through certification and bootcamp training, twice. I have skipped around and gone back, multiple times.

A moment will come, as you're building your evil empire, that you want to quit. The very thought of typing another post, searching keywords, or grinding through another training course will repulse you.

Push Through. Take a break. Have a drink. The Yankees didn't win 27 World Series Championships overnight (yes, yankees fan here). Rome wasn't built in a day. That better?

Go back to your training with a clear head. You have work to do.

It Really Does Work

Put in the time. follow the guidance of your fellow WA members. Family, that's what it really is. I have pushed my own limits, gone against my own thoughts, and persevered.

Ask questions. Heed the response, and move forward toward glory :) Felt like I was starring in 300 there for a minute.

I am a prime example of what all the aspects above does. I have watched analytics for the last two hours. I know, I have no patients.

6 pages, 14 posts, 33 days. 9 posts Ranked page 1 on google. 14 on bing.

33 days! At this very moment there are 672 users on my website. The money will come. 33 Days!

My Challenge To You

Get to work! Go get your Dream. Can you see it? I can. I am living it everyday. Its right in front of me. Go get yours!

Back to Work!


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AlexEvans Premium
Way to go Jason well said, your WA experience is going well.
JudeP Premium
Great motivation Jason, thank you :)
JeffreyM1 Premium
Awesome Jason, great to hear your perspective and perseverance
StepChook Premium
Well said! This kind of encouragement is great for newbies like me.
DavidLYancy Premium
Some work is better than no work at all. one put that first foot forward, and take that leap of faith! "WA-Thousands backed!"