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Last Update: June 29, 2020

Hey you !

So what Predicament has the world gotten it's self into now ? Is it so hard to comprehend that we are all a part of this planet . That nothing changes unless we change it together . That in someway or another we are all connected , we are the international web , each one of us is a part of a whole .

And every life matters .

Is it governments that are corrupt , it seems that they can't even make an unanimous decision and their mistakes fall upon us . What you think might be free , is not in someway or another . As I see it already we will be taken advantage of . I foresee tax hikes , or even worse , limited freedoms.

All because of one old strategy .

Divide and conquer . This has been happening to us right under our noses . Most chose to include themselves in it , or ignore it completely . I feel it's much easier to help others than to hide . We need to educate , communicate and eradicate , bias people. Not tolerate them !

Don't be a victim .

Life happens sometimes it's good sometimes it's bad . Same goes for people . You can't hold a race , color or creed , responsible for an action of one . That is in no how shape or form acceptable to the masses . We as humans throughout the centuries are learning from our mistakes , we know what they are now and strive to eradicate them . A big part of that is education . Like the age old phrase goes .

Know your history or be doomed to repeat it .

The last thing we need is to destroy our history. The last thing we need is to destroy our community's. What we need to do is come together and build greater one . Overcome our differences , look into ourselves for change. Become a better role model for are children . Help and educate those around us . And Be the shoulder anyone can lean on .

This is just my truthful opinion . ......What are your thoughts 💭 ?

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I Agree ! But what you must realize Is that Man's REAL Problem Is SIN IN THE HEART! Now I'm Not hear to PREACH! But SIN Is what Dominates a Person who Is not In Tune with God. God Is LOVE not HATE, and what you see going On In The World Is due to SIN and That Is The Driving force behind all Hatred, Murder, Prejudice, and all other evil's that exist . Jesus Christ and Him CRUCIFIED Is The Only Solution for SIN In Man's HEART. May God Bless You On Your Journey Off Success here at WA.
Debbi26 Premium
It's easier to conquer when you divide and unless we can overcome that, we're done. We ARE all connected yet it keeps me awake at night wondering HOW do we make people GET that?
The majority of these people are the young generation and they simply have NO CLUE!

I was shocked to find out from a teacher that History is no longer taught. I was speechless. Now granted I hated history when I was in school but I do remember some of the things I was taught.

JKhlem Premium
I didn’t know they stopped teaching history thank you for the update.
Mick-D Premium
From a demonstration about Police Brutality, it is now all about a stepping stone to power.
Brutality whether institutional or personal is multi cultured, multi ethnic.
Slavery has been around since antiquity, It too is multi cultured and multi ethnic.
You could take the DNA of some one from Iceland, and probably find a match in Algeria, Africa.
Where, about 300 years ago they were being traded as slaves.
Good post.
Not sure it belongs here, but probably good to have a board to bounce some of the frustrations of life in the "Outside World" on.

Firefli20 Premium
Well written but if people don't learn the lessons of the past nothing will get fixed. History always repeats itself when the future generations lose site of the past mistakes.. When future generations become complacent and begin not caring because they're not taught to care or remember. Remembrance Day is a prime example. When our past generation took a stand against terrany and died so we could be free. How many people today care? Terrorism runs ramped all over the World even in our own Country. My prayer is that people wake up and realize you can't fix any problem by causing problems. Riots, protests, and mayhem are not the solution. People beginning to care and unit in love and compassion are the solution. That's my opinion.
JKhlem Premium
Excellent opinion,thank you
17Nico Premium
Yes, I agree. We need to come together and especially make sure our government doesn't try to do things to us that have been done in the past. there are more civilians than politicians, we have the louder voice. we just need to figure out how to come together and use it in the correct ways. Stop all the hate and violence. We become ONE, there will be no stopping us. This should be world wide not just the America's. I stand with all humans to fight the Good fight.

Thanks for the post Jack.
JKhlem Premium
As should us all . Thank you .