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What a weekend this will be , starting off with both happy and sad feelings . Happy for all the fun times I enjoyed with my son this summer .Sad because I'm sitting at the Pittsburgh airport getting ready to fly him back to Florida. Happy for making it into the top 100 here at WA today. Sad since I will be taking a weekend break from my WA family . Happy to be celebrating my birthday this Sunday. Sad , well there's no reason to be sad from that I guess . ill be in Florida sipping drinks on t
July 23, 2020
Hello , How's everyone here at WA doing today? I just wanted to drop in a post to say congratulations to everyone here that on a daily basis achieve success .Success can come in many ways, it all depends on how you look at it.Notice the image above, what do you see ................?Let me tell you what I see. I see accomplishment and Achievement. You may be thinking 🤔. How do you see that ?When I look at this image I think of the box on the left is everything we set out to do in life th
It too a little time but I made rank in the top 200 , one off my many goals that I have set cand be checked off the list . Thanks everyone for keeping me motivated.Jack.
Some might think that their is no great benefits to lowering their ranking score here on the Wealthy Affiliate platform, I would have to disagree. There is a reason why ranking matters to me. Even though ranking has its ups and downs.The main reason why ranking matters to me would be all the great people I have the opportunity to engage with. People from all over the world and everyone with their own goals and ambitions , that they are trying to accomplish.Second is that as you build up your ne
July 08, 2020
Simple and easy.Is your website hosted here at WA. And if so,do you keep getting the message on your site dashboard that your PHP needs to be updated. If so , all you need to do is go to site support . let them know your PHP needs to be updated and which site it is and they will handle it from there . Just remember not to make any changes to your site until the finish your transfer to the new server .I hope this helps.
June 29, 2020
Hey you ! So what Predicament has the world gotten it's self into now ? Is it so hard to comprehend that we are all a part of this planet . That nothing changes unless we change it together . That in someway or another we are all connected , we are the international web , each one of us is a part of a whole . And every life matters .Is it governments that are corrupt , it seems that they can't even make an unanimous decision and their mistakes fall upon us . What you think might be free , is no
June 24, 2020
Hard work pays off.I have been really putting a lot of effort into my web site lately.It seems it finely caught up to me.It's true you reap what you never give up!
June 12, 2020
I've started putting a lot of effort in to the community here at WA . It's very true you get what you give . Not only the chance to expand on you network , but the chance to capture the feelings of how many different people express there views in there own style of writing . This has become very injoyable to me . I love the way we share our experiences, our lives . Form the most simplest aspects to the most heartbreaking moments , our goals and our failure (learning experiences). We grow togeth
THANK YOU SUN KEEP SHINING UPON US. Looks like my part of Ohio if finely getting its fair share of nice weather. For me it's been a striking long winter . Recently moving back to this area from the south, I haven't seen snow fall in quite some time .It didn't ever seem there would be and end. It was amusing at first because it started to fall the exact moment I crossed the border, it had been so long prior I actually enjoyed it . I still wonder how old man winter stretched his reaches into t
DON’T THINK YOU ARE ... KNOW ... YOU ARE .Don't think your part of a great community? Have you tried to learn online marketing, website building, and the million of other parts and pieces to go with it? To just find yourself lost no one to turn to.I've been there myself. It Seems's like there's no end to what needs to be learned, Updated an added to. Especially for beginners who start off strong just to give up a few months in.I understand I once got discouraged myself. But after a short