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Last Update: August 13, 2017

We have only been on here for less than a month and am so glad we found WA. We had started with a couple of other websites online but found out real quick they were just scams to make them, not us, money. We came to WA and started the free class as we knew nothing about what we were learning here. Now we have a website and can actually say we are making money online. Not a lot yet but after such a short time we are proud to say we have made money by doing what we have been taught so far. We are so excited to be going forward with the training and learning something new everyday. One of our affiliates has had almost 4000 clicks on our link to go to their website. But only 4 of the people bought what they were offering, but, that is 4 more paid referrals than we started with after less than a month. We can only imagine what we can do after we have done all of the training in the future. This site is made up of people that really care about others making their attempts at success and are willing to help beyond belief. So far we have only been able to refer 3 people to join us in this venture but we will not stop until we have reached the top of the mountain of 300 referrals. We do have questions about things that we don't quite understand yet but we know the people on here will help us when we ask. We have never seen a company, organization or club of this size where the top people, the owners so to speak, are available any time to answer questions or talk to the members. Kyle and Carson are amazing people. This whole world of WA is amazing. So glad we found it.

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Curly65 Premium
Upward success, JimnKaran. On your way.
schexjr Premium
That is great news, I am excited for you as I have only been at this for a couple of weeks. I have probably not advanced as far in the lessons as you have nor as far as I would like to be, but your success give me hope.

Mythica Premium
Very nice I'm glad things are working out for you here at WA by the sounds of things you're gonna do very well if your only in the first month of training and had great success.
This is an amazing program with the best community people always willing to help in any way they can, Kyle and Carson have made all this possible for us at WA. Glad I found this site as well it might have taken years to finally find something legit but better late than never. all the best on your journey :)