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Last Update: September 20, 2016

I have been thinking of sharing some of the reports that I have on various internet marketing topics. The topics range from Affiliate Marketing to Zipping Files.

The short reports are giveaways. They give good information on the topic. For those who want a deeper understanding, there is a paid version with much more detail.

I posed a question if it was against WA's terms of service(TOS) to post a link to these on here. I ask because the link would, of course, point a squeeze page for list building purposes.

I could just create training on here (and I probably will). However, this training becomes the property the WA (as per the TOS) and I cannot post it anywhere else to prevent a duplicate content penalty for WA.

It is a catch 22. I would like to help out others with areas that have been a big stumbling block for me, but I have absolutely no desire to give up rights to it. Which is why I was thinking of the small reports.

I will have to study the TOS more closely to see what my options are. I really like this community and the genuine camaraderie that is felt here.

Any thoughts or opinions on this ????

Blessings Be,


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JudeP Premium
You are not allowed to link from here to an external site - all the information has to be within the post itself. Kyle told me about it today. Read through this, rule #9: Hope that clarifies things for you :)
jimhan Premium
Thanks for the comment, Jude. But it doesn't really make it any clearer.
Rule 9: "Do not post content where your readers are required to go to an external website to "read more". All of the content must be self contained within the post itself. "

That would apply if it was posted like they do with Article Marketing, where you give just enough information to get them interested and use the bio box to get them to go to your site. That is basically baiting.

What i was talking about was listing some of the reports that I have put together over the years which people could download.

The easiest thing, I guess, will be to list some of them on my website, and if anyone is interested they can check them out there.
Rule 19, however, may apply...
JudeP Premium
Lol, I don't make the rules Jimmy :)
Ivine Premium
Hi Jimhan, it is a hard one to call. Take time to make up your mind. Maybe let a solicitor look over the legal stuff. Irv.
jimhan Premium
Hello Irv...
All the reports that I have are either made by me or I own full rights to them and have redone them in my own style.
MPollock Premium
That is a hard decision, you will make the right choice. thanks,