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Last Update: April 24, 2015

Morning all.

Yesterday I wrote my first page on building a free website - I'm currently working in the Bootcamp and the site is still very basic.

As usual, I shared it on Facebook; both on my personal page and my Juicing World page.

I also shared it within the Juicing World G+ circles but instead of selecting "share with followers", I shared it with "communities". I'm a member of a juicing community which has over 6000 members.

My post went something like "since I've built my own website on juicing, people have been asking me how I did it. Well here's how....". I put a link to my new post and off it went to over 6000 people.

Checking my stats on the WA stat page this morning, I had 10 clicks yesterday which I certainly wasn't expecting.

So the moral of this story is join a G+ community which is relevant to your niche, then share your posts to lots of strangers. Who knows what will happen?!?

I'll definitely be going down this route again.

Give it a try - you may be pleasantly surprised :)

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phoenix2 Premium
Nice! It's amazing what happens when you share on social media>
JillyBristow Premium
Wow - someone just accepted my invitation and registered - how exciting!! Let's see if they actually sign up.
andreagerak Premium
wow, that's cool, congrats!
Bluette Premium
G+ is on my list, I just did very basic thing that Kyle recommended in Course 2, but didn't know you can add the communities. thanks for the post , will explore that possibility.
LornaAllen Premium
Fantastic tip Jilly! I would recommend doing something similar with Pinterest - follow people/ groups with similar interests and then pin your own juicing pins....
JillyBristow Premium
Thanks Lorna - will try that too!
NemiraB Premium
Thank you, great advise:)
JillyBristow Premium
Pleasure - every little helps!!