Personal Best: 6 Consecutive Days of Sales on Amazon

Last Update: August 12, 2018

This week is the best week for me on my website.

My website was able to generate sales for 6 consecutive days!

Other than that, the conversion rate is at 10.77% for the first 11 days of the month!

Unfortunately, I didn't hit the 7 day mark that I'm targeting for.

I will try harder next round!

Speed Writing

For the first 11 days, I've added 3 post in this affiliate website and 3 more post in my personal brand website!

Yesterday I challenge myself to finish a product review in an hour. I finished it in an hour and 5 minutes!

How did I do it?

Template - Once you have your own template for product review, you already know what are the things that you are looking for. One thing holding you back is distraction.

Ditch Distraction - To avoid distraction, I went Starbucks where I don't have my bed, TV beside me. My concentration is higher when I'm not at home!

Plan Ahead

Last weekend, I spend a couple of hours to do keyword research for both of my website.

I come out with 10 keywords each that I want to write for the month. Now that I have 20 topics in queue for me to write on.

To me, this works better and I can jump straight to the next topic without doing any keyword research and brainstorming on topic ideas.

In addition, proper planning helps a lot to visualize on how my website will be in the next month. It helps to accelerate my website building since my website is lack of content right now.

Thanks for reading my post on WA! Have a great week ahead every one. Till then!

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firstlearn Premium
Great news.

keishalina9 Premium
Wonderful news! ... thanks kindly for sharing & posting ... all the best for onward & upward success, cheerio.. :)
Jianquan Premium
Thanks! Hope you have a great success in your niche too! :)
Syedhashim Premium
Good planning.
Jianquan Premium
Thanks! All the best to you too