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This week is the best week for me on my website. My website was able to generate sales for 6 consecutive days! Other than that, the conversion rate is at 10.77% for the first 11 days of the month! Unfortunately, I didn't hit the 7 day mark that I'm targeting for. I will try harder next round! Speed WritingFor the first 11 days, I've added 3 post in this affiliate website and 3 more post in my personal brand website! Yesterday I challenge myself to finish a product review in an hour. I finished
I've joined WA since April 2017! I'm sorry for being absent in WA from the start! I was always in an exploration mode on Affiliate Marketing. I will be active from this bit onwards by shifting my time on Facebook to WA!! :) My Journey Throughout the Year! I didn't jump right in to promote WA because I wanted to make sure to have a little success in niche based website before I promote WA. I follow through the course quickly and started my niche based website. After 5 months on creating my nich
Just to share my happy moments with the WA community! I'm happy to announced that I've finally got my first sales on Amazon after 4 months of constant posting on my site.My Site: Although it is just a $0.50 commission on some product that I didn't promote, at least someone do read and click on my link! I think it is an encouragement to push me further in writing more quality content! The best thing is the system in WA really works! Content and Keyword research is real