My Journey Throughout The First Year! I need to be more active in WA!

Last Update: July 22, 2018

I've joined WA since April 2017!

I'm sorry for being absent in WA from the start! I was always in an exploration mode on Affiliate Marketing.

I will be active from this bit onwards by shifting my time on Facebook to WA!! :)

My Journey Throughout the Year!

I didn't jump right in to promote WA because I wanted to make sure to have a little success in niche based website before I promote WA.

I follow through the course quickly and started my niche based website.

After 5 months on creating my niche website, I got my first $0.50 profit from Amazon Associate. Super excited about this!

This Does Not Get Myself Approved By Amazon

That didn't land me to be accepted by Amazon due to the fact that they change their policy to 3 qualifying sales a day after I got my first sale! FML

Eventually I was rejected on my 180 days period for not getting 3 qualifying sales. That blows me off quite a bit.

I stopped for a few weeks because picking up again. I have to change all the affiliate links that I've inserted in all my POST! (that hurts)

Get Rejected The Second Time

I was been rejected for the second time! :(

On December 2017, I got 3 qualifying sales in the holiday season! I was super excited and waiting patiently for the approval from Amazon!

NO, You got rejected! Your website was not accessible when they carry out the approval process! FML!!

I email the support desk in WA and they told me that they fix the problem! But it's too late!


Without any procastination, I changed all my affiliate links AGAIN within a single day! I believe that my website has started to pick up!

It did actually! Within the next 15 days, I got another 3 sales and FINALLY got accepted by Amazon. Super excited after 2 rounds of failure!


After getting accepted, initially I was very motivated to bring my website to the next level.

Writing more review, writing more lengthy "Best product for 2018", Keyword research, analyze on competitors page!

I earn up to ~ $100 per month, about $1000 - $2000 worth of Amazon sales revenue!

Monthly traffic started to grow from 500, 800, 1000 to 1500 per month!

Post AfterMath :(

For the first time ever in a month of June, my traffic slip and dropped about 200! 15% drop.

Commission dropped from $180 on May to $30 on June! FML again!

You want to know why? Lazy!

For the past year, I wrote 40 post on my only niche site. 4-5 in the beginning months and gradually become 1 or 0 for a month.

From January 1st until May 31st, I only have 5 post! There a months where I didn't post anything on my blog!

That leads to a lot of my money making post been dropped till more than 10 pages behind in Google!

I was so frustrated on the month of June when I saw my sales dropping sharply!

I know I have to do something about it!

Rise Again :)

Towards the end of the month of June, I start picking up blogging again.

I spend most of my nights after work researching on keywords, writing new articles, improved my existing article. Here are some of the work that I've done on my exsiting niche website!

Total New Post: 4 (3 product review and 1 best of product post)

Rewrite Post: 1

Retargeting Keyword: 1 (create post redirect)

and publish eye-catching banners to my "money post"!

Thats it? No, I Did More!

I've bought one domain back in March for the purpose of my personal branding. My goals and vision for this website is to educate people on making money online, building online presence and eventually earn a passive income.

This is where I started promoting WA! :)

I rebuild the website throughout this month!

Total Pages: 1 (About Me Page)

Total New Post: 5 Post

All of my posts in this website are more than 2000 words.

It is a rollercoaster ride for me (Maybe a smaller rollercoaster for some of you) thoughout the year!

I would like to keep my momentum running. On the second half of the year, I planned to do the following!

  • Creating at least 4 "lengthy and thick" contents for each of my site.
  • Active in Social Media posting
  • Active in WA community to learn and help others!
  • Connect with more people in WA and people in the same industry(online business)

Sorry for keep you all reading on my long worded post!

Thanks for dropping by!



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Vickic3 Premium
Hi Jianquan - great post, thank you for sharing and welcome back
Stay focused and keep writing content regularly
Everyone has down time and now you sound ready to go again which is great
You will see how much content does and success is yours
All the very best and kind wishes
Jianquan Premium
Hi Vicki,
Oh Yes, I'm definitely ready to go all out again ! :)
Hope you can excel in your online journey too!
All the best!

Vickic3 Premium
Hi Jianquan
That is wonderful news- Stay focused and go for it
and thank you for kind wishes to me also
keishalina9 Premium
Thanks kindly for posting your progress! ... you're doing wonderfully well as 'persistence pays off' -- keep going onward & upward ... stick-to-it-ness! ... you've got what it takes to succeed in whatever you want to put your mind to... all the best for every success, cheerio... :)
Jianquan Premium
Thanks for your encouragement!
We shall all work towards our goal and be successful in our online journey!
Never give up and keep hustling!