Got my First Sales in Amazon after 4 months!

Last Update: October 03, 2017

Just to share my happy moments with the WA community!

I'm happy to announced that I've finally got my first sales on Amazon after 4 months of constant posting on my site.

My Site:

Although it is just a $0.50 commission on some product that I didn't promote, at least someone do read and click on my link!

I think it is an encouragement to push me further in writing more quality content!

The best thing is the system in WA really works! Content and Keyword research is really important for your success!

Keep it up guys!


P/S : Do visit my site and give some comments to help me to improve :)

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herinnelson Premium
Congrats! Start small and rise up! Great beginning to something huge! Your web site has some good information in it and I like the visuals. You put a lot of time into it, I can tell! In a near future post you'll be telling of your $1,000+ earnings! See you around!
Jianquan Premium
Thanks for the encouragement Erin! :)