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Last Update: October 22, 2017

I'm about three months into my training. I've learned quite a bit. But I have a ways to go. I should probably ask questions faster than I do. I try to teach myself and it takes a lot of time. Sometimes I take a break, then I come back and the answer comes by trying something a different way. I admit to sometimes getting frustrated. Not by the process but my own understanding of what I'm trying to accomplish.

The support from my fellow WA members has been great. Questions are answered in good time. It still astounds me how many members are out there and will take the time to help.

When you start a new journey in life, in my mind the journey is something you should find enjoyable and I do enjoy the time I invest here. My niche has a plethora (I already new that word, not stealing it from Jay) of topics to explore.

I haven't seen any money yet. I can locate my sight on google without using my url. But it's nine pages back. So I obviously need to work harder to improve this. Adsense still doesn't appear on my site and I have to admit with some frustration at that as well.

I have had a very positive experience here at WA and I would highly recommend it to anyone. So goodbye for now, I have to get back to work!

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TammiP Premium
Congrats on your accomplishments thus far.

The road here at WA is clear, we only have to apply ourselves!!

Priscilla23 Premium
Hello, Joe, I can completely relate to what you're saying. I, too, have been at this for about 3 months, and there is certainly a lot more to it than I had initially thought. But I'm pressing onward and enjoying the journey as well. The biggest frustration for me is just finding the time. When I'm working on a post and training, then the WA correspondence takes a nose dive, and vice versa. So for me it's finding a nice balance that is my short-term goal.

My Adsense venture has been slow, too, but I'm going to pursue it for a while to see where it may take me.

So just know that many of us are on a parallel path with you - we're in this together! Take care, Priscilla
Calmkoala Premium
Hi Joe, many thanks for your motivating post. It always heartens me to hear when people are working through challenges and not giving up! It inspires me to keep moving forwards and not be despondent in the tough times :) Keep going with the useful information on your site, always onwards and upwards! Sue :)
jsco2289 Premium
I used a plugin for adsense when I had it up. Its frustrating because googles payment threshold is $100. So you will not get paid until ad clicks =100. I also stopped it because some ads were getting in the way of content. Good luck and stay persistent. Go register your page as a business on fb, at least you get $30 in ads from FB. I am in middle of month 3 and 4. Still waiting for SEO traffic. I've been getting traffic from spamming things on fb and some on twitter. Good luck!