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October 22, 2017
I'm about three months into my training. I've learned quite a bit. But I have a ways to go. I should probably ask questions faster than I do. I try to teach myself and it takes a lot of time. Sometimes I take a break, then I come back and the answer comes by trying something a different way. I admit to sometimes getting frustrated. Not by the process but my own understanding of what I'm trying to accomplish. The support from my fellow WA members has been great. Questions are answered in good ti
August 29, 2017
My progress is a little slower than I expected. I'm still trying to get my website to look as professional as the other members. My content while not bad, needs to be more voluminous. My niche is one that I chose because I owned a business in this industry. I view the fact that I have gotten this far as a success. Hopefully the money will come later. My goals for the next three to six months are to establish myself as a trusted adviser to folks who want good advice and guidance on the best and