Changing my Niche!

Last Update: May 03, 2016

So its only been 10 days since I joined and all was going great until i realized that the website i was creating (had mostly done) was going to be very hard to add affiliate programs to. I was already selling something on the website so when i tried to rack my brain to see what affiliate programs i could add to that i couldn't come up with many. Thankfully i have come up with a very similar idea to my original website but it just gives me more opportunity for affiliate programs on my NEW website. So downside is i had to start again today on a website, but the plus side is i think this idea in the long run is going to be much better for my online business to be a success. And all is not a loss because i did learn a lot in the first 3 courses so i am still going to try to get traffic to my first website but maybe just try to sell what its selling.

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JudeP Premium
As you say, all is not lost and you've learned things along the way. Good luck pushing forward :)
DIAB Premium
Try to see all the possibilities before changing if you have not a site Rubix domain. If you do have a site Rubix domain you are good.
CConcepcion Premium
I am thinking as well changing my niche. Im not sure I can create good quality content with it