Last Update: October 21, 2021

For those of you who know me, I am not known for my frequent blogging here on the platform. But a good friend and valued member reached out and asked me to share some sad news with everyone here.

Many will know the reason why Barbara (JrzyGrlBJ) has been away from the community recently and sadly last night, her Mother Clara McGinley passed away.

As you can imagine, Barbara is extremely sad and asked if I would send out a quick message to the community informing everyone what has happened.

She also said that she will address the issue herself when she feels ready to do so.

So I hope you will all join me in offering your prayers and condolences to Barbara and her family at this difficult time.



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rcharinhp99 Premium

Thank you for sharing.

Sending my condolences.
Mothers are very precious.
I know exactly what Barbara is going through.
When I lost my mom in 2001, I had to be hospitalized.

However, her spirit and essence are always near.
Also, our parents, grandparents and ancestors remain with us in the form of DNA.

God Bless,

EdwinBernard Premium Plus
Hello Nick,

I do remember Barbara and wondered why she wasn't around. Glad you answered that question. But sorry to hear her mother passed away.

When you communicate with Barbara, let her know I am thinking of her and wish her peace knowing that her mother is in a better place.

Thanks for sharing.

FernM Premium Plus
Thank you for letting us know. My condolences to Barbara and her family. God speed Clara McGinley.
Proprov Premium
I offer my most heartfelt condolences.
I am so sorry for her loss and I pray for God's peace for her family!

ImranMatthe2 Premium
My deepest sympathy and condolences 🙏🏿😢