I Want To Be Wealthy Now

Last Update: January 17, 2016

Last time I was here, we were discussing the 5 Key Words everyone needs to have in place to be successful. We have already talked about 1, Fundamentals, so now it is time to move onto to the next Key Word.

Wealthy Feels So Good

The next key word is Wealth. And isn't it just perfect that this should be the key word. After all, Americans just wasted all kinds of money on that dream of having wealth fall into their laps in the form of a massive lotto pay off. I would just like to point out that we have a better chance of being killed by a vending machine, then ever winning the lottery.

Now Jim Rohn will tell you that the word "wealth" means something different to everyone. Some of us may see wealth as a big lotto win, or perhaps having a happy and healthy family, being debt free, or living in a nice home. However, we can all agree on the fact that the word "wealth" makes most of us think of the word "millionaire".

Want To Be A Millionaire

The word millionaire makes most of think of words like success, freedom, power, influence, pleasure, and many more. However, to have the kind of wealth in money form we must remember that this kind of wealth only comes from the conversion of effort and enterprise into currency and equity.

Now the specific amount of money that each of us wants to make will vary from person to person. What will not change is the desires we have to live free of financial worry, to have freedom of choice, and enjoy opportunities to create and share.

What Does It Look Like

This is where many of us get into trouble. We don't take the time to visualize how much wealth we would need to live the life we want to be living. Perhaps we are afraid of never achieving that kind of wealth, perhaps we think it is impossible, but the point is that we do need to start visualizing it. Jim Rohn once said that when he was poor he tipped like he was a rich man. He just knew he was going to be wealthy so he tipped like he would if he had the wealth. This helped him start to see what he needed to amass the kind of wealth he wanted.

So now it is your turn. What would be your definition of wealthy and what would it take for you to know you have achieved the wealth that you want. Sit down and think about this. This is just like any other dream that you might have. It is important to visualize it so you can begin working toward it.

So stay away from those dangerous vending machines, and allusive lotto tickets, and start thinking about what it means to you to be wealthy.

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Maxiam59 Premium
Wealth to me would be able to do what me and my soul mate want to do with out worries of financial stress all the best Max
jessbarz Premium
That is actually the vision and dream of most people.
MINDwell Premium
me too