How I'm Building 10 Backlinks A Month In 15 Minutes A Day

Last Update: May 06, 2019

As you may or may not know, backlinks help increase your website's authority in search engines. While content is still King as they teach here at WA, links are still a top 5 ranking factor, if you don't believe me Google it for yourself.

However, Google wants you to acquire these naturally by creating content that is so good that others will just link to it naturally. The problem with this is many other websites may not see your content if you don't have enough links to rank for your keywords.

Sort of a catch 22, huh?

My New Project

For anyone following my blogs, you will remember my online journey took me to Mexico early last year and I sold my two sites that were earning money as I didn't have the time to keep up with them.

Well, after a few months things began to slow down and I decided to start a new site, it started off slower than I wanted but thought I would share some of things I've done the last few months.

In Mexico, I started working for a team that grew up in SEO since the early 2000's, their company buys, scales and sells large online businesses. Their core 'bag of tricks' is to scale content production, link building, conversion rate optimization and email marketing.

They would throw the kitchen sink at deals they acquired for 3-4 months and see a 50-100% increase in the next 3-4 months.

When I say scale, I'm talking >150 articles per month and 100-200 links per month for relatively cheap.

What I've Learned

Gaining access to their systems, I decide to go after more competitive keywords for this new site...however, the sandbox is still hard to overcome.


Regardless, I've since targeted moderate competition keywords and the site is finally showing some signs of life.

Here is a screen shot of my organic traffic, I started building links in September and you can see the traffic started to take off in January as well as Amazon sales.

I'm averaging about 10 articles per month at about $.02/word which I'm pretty happy with. One thing I learned is to structure my content into silos which I feel like has set this site up to be my best one yet.

Using silos helps me reduce duplicate content which my other sites had as well as have a better internal linking scheme.


Like I mentioned in the title, I spend about 15 minutes a day (mostly responding to email) and have been able to build about 10 links a month using mainly guest posting.

This process can easily be scaled I just don't have the time to manage it, once the sites starts earning more I may hire a VA to help scale this part.

Here is a screenshot from Ahrefs showing the link velocity. Full disclosure, I am using software to create the ability to do this with minimal time commitment.

I thought about creating a training to share this process but wasn't sure if there would be enough interest as I would consider this advanced and there are some costs involved for the software.

If you think you might be interested let me know in the comments, if enough people respond I will create the training.

Of course, you can do this manually but it requires much more time and is much slower.

For example, with about 15 minutes of work, I generated a list of ~10,000 websites to email. I then use software to send batches of emails (usually 200 a week) that also automatically follows up to those that don't reply, helping improve the response rate.

From there I really just have to manage the email responses. As opportunities come in, I send the details to my writer and within a day or two am able to send the article to the website owner.

What's Next

With this being the fifth site I've created here at WA I'm hoping that it will be the best one yet. My current goal is to have 150 articles published with just as many referring domains by November to take advantage of Black Friday which is always the best month for these product oriented sites.

Anyway, I hope these insights were helpful/inspirational as joining WA three years ago has truly been the best investment I've ever made. There is a ton of opportunity building an online business and expanding your network.

Since last April, I have been able to work completely remote. While it's not 100% passive it gives me more time to spend with my family and travel.

Hope you have a productive week!

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bigrog44 Premium
Thanks for sharing, Jeremy.
DaliborT Premium Plus
Sounds interesting. I would definitely look at that training.
BarbaraBC Premium
Thanks for this information.
Cherry21 Premium
Good information. I will save this post for future reference.

Thank you kindly.

Be Blessed.
laurenjean Premium
Hi Jeremy, interesting... I receive emails requesting to guest post on my sites every day... wonder if I've ever received one of yours? Very interested to know what you pay your writer for the guest posts (if you are happy to divulge).
JeremyH86 Premium
Hey Lauren, it's possible! When I get those it's a great opportunity to ask them to link back to your site if you allow them to publish the guest post on your site if that makes sense.

I found a great writer on Upwork and currently paying $.015/word
for guest posts and regular articles on my site but not sure how long that will last before she asks for a raise.

Then I have another VA that I pay a flat fee to publish the articles on my site which saves me time downloading images, inserting affiliate links etc.