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Hey everyone, I haven't posted in awhile and I wanted to share some things from my latest site after the most recent holiday shopping season.As some of you know who have read my other blog posts, I sold my last two sites that were making money after I got a new job.I didn't plan on starting a new site as soon as I did as I wanted to focus on the new job, however, after a family vacation, I decided to start a site after one of my cousins committed to putting in half of the effort.I was working w
As you may or may not know, backlinks help increase your website's authority in search engines. While content is still King as they teach here at WA, links are still a top 5 ranking factor, if you don't believe me Google it for yourself.However, Google wants you to acquire these naturally by creating content that is so good that others will just link to it naturally. The problem with this is many other websites may not see your content if you don't have enough links to rank for your keywords.So
That’s right, I just sold the only two sites of mine that were making money on Flippa.It was a bittersweet day seeing all that hard work go but the money is surely going to help out a ton as my wife and I are expecting our second child here in August. Anyway, just wanted to share this story for motivation for those of you are who are new or still haven’t made much money yet. How I got to this point I still remember the first day signing up for Wealthy Affiliate being super nervous t
February 11, 2018
A few months ago I had switched from the recommended SEO plugin All-In-One to Yoast Seo.When I first set it up I was super excited because it gives you all kinds of recommendations to fix SEO issues.One of them is to have a keyword density of .5%. After following this recommendation on one of my posts I jumped instantly from around 12 or 13 to 7!I was hooked so I went through all of my old posts and applied these recommendations.However, since I have come to Mexico, I have gained access to some
In May, I will have been a part of WA for two years and what an incredible journey it has been!When I first started, I was just hoping to make some side money that could potentially allow me to go part time at my day job.After many ups and downs but finally seeing some results with the third website I started, I am so glad I stuck with it.In an effort to improve my education, last August I participated in a class that taught some link building strategies.At the end of the class the instructor s
I know some people have seen success faster but I really needed this to validate what I have been doing for the past ~18 months. I meant to write a one year update back in May on my WA anniversary but have been busy working on building out my main site. I started this new site about 5 months in (Sept 2016) as I began to realize that my original niche was going to be hard to "sell" to my visitors. I was still posting a little to my first site for a few months, it wasn't until Jan of this year I
November 03, 2016
So I just randomly logged into my Adsense account today and it said that there was $2.95 in my account lol! I'm pumped though because this just motivation to keep going.My first click was back on August 12th and I joined May 18th. My original goal was to get a sale in the first three months and to now know that I hit that feels great! These first couple clicks were with just one ad on the side bar so I'm now excited to go put a few more on the pages that are getting the most traffic. Thanks to
October 29, 2016
So after about 5 months I just received my first real comment from search! It also happened to be on a review page, unfortunately I don't think they were convinced to click thru for the sale but this is still encouraging that my traffic is improving and people are actually reading my content.I know that first sales is right around the corner! That's all for now, just thought I would share.
September 16, 2016
OK so after almost 4 full months hear at WA I finally decided to bite the bullet.I have yet to make a sale yet but my traffic and rankings continue to improve so I truly believe it is just a matter of time before that happens.Thanks to everyone who has answered questions and has helped me out these last few months. As my knowledge expands I will try to answer others with questions or those who need help.Let's get to work!
August 30, 2016
OK I have been here at Wealthy Affiliate for just over 3 months now so I wanted to give an update.I finished the training a couple weeks ago and now I'm sole focused on pumping out some quality content. I have two websites up now that I am working on and another for my day job that will be built out soon.One of my goals for the first three months was to get a sale which has not happened. However, in the last couple weeks I have been getting some more organic traffic so I feel like as that incre