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Last Update: Mar 26, 2017


Howdy all!

If you need a free contact form for your site that is ssl compatible, without the need for yet another plugin, I found one you may want to check out.

After finally getting off my butt and making the https upgrade to my sites, I struggled for longer than I should have to achieve the elusive "green padlock."

When I finally found the culprit responsible for preventing me from going green, it ended up being my old crusty contact us form in a sidebar widget!

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Thanks @MarionBlack!

So after finding the culprit, I started looking for a new contact form. I found a few, but most wanted you to pay for the premium version to make it ssl friendly.

The form I ended up finding was fromhttps://zotabox.com/dashboard/

They offer you several FREE FOREVER tools including a contact form. I have gone ahead and added the free social buttons as well to see how they perform. I like the way they look and as a bonus, I have been able to rid myself of 2 plugins!!

This tool gives you an unobtrusive contact me tab at he bottom. The form and share buttons are completely customizable for size, shape and color.

After your visitor clicks the contact button, a cool pop up shows up with the form that you can customize any way you like. You can even upload your own background image.

Your visitors entry can be sent to any email address you choose.

They do of course offer a premium option with some pretty promising email marketing tools that I intend to try. For now, I have everything I was looking for with the FREE tools.

Go check it out and play around with it for a bit. Definitely worth trying out.

I hope you all have a great (And Productive!) day!


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I realized that Contact Form 7 is a very heavy plugin. So this tool would be useful. This is not a plugin?

Presently I have 'Contact' button in the main menu. Can I add this the same way?

In any case thank you for the info.

No sir...Not a plugin.
It's a small snippet of code you will add to the bottom of your footer.

I'm not sure how you would add it to your menu. With the code in your footer, the contact button is visible on all pages/posts, all the time, so I feel it's a little more visible for a visitor who wants/needs to contact me.

How's things going Mr. Jovo?

Thank you. I was needed something like this because the existing plugin is one of the biggest in my setup. Who would say this for such a small contact form. So must try to understand how it works. One plugin less is a big deal when it is so heavy.

The more plugins I can avoid the better, especially the heavy ones.

I have been using this contact button for a couple of weeks now and have received a few responses, compared with 1 in the previous few months.

You can swing by either of my sites in my profile to see if you like how it looks and functions.
Best of luck to you.

I just had a look in your sites and checked their description. Not sure how to do this. I see the code they give:

Where did you add it? They say 'in your page html', but which page?

How about the the first part '#zbwid-5d5e4ed9"

Hey Jovo.
They want you to put it in the source code of your footer, just like adding google analytics. In the footer, not the head.

This worked fine on 1 site, but on the other I ended up putting it in a sidebar text widget and it worked.
If you don't want to get into your code, try adding it to a sidebar, or footer text widget first and see if it works for you.

I had the extra room, so I just added it and left the title blank.

Actually, I added analytics in AIO plugin.

I tried in two sites, so added

in the footer php and it did not work. Tried also with text widget, nothing appears.

How about the first part '#zbwid-5d5e4ed9"? If I understand this is supposed to be a custom link if I want a 'Contact' tab item in the main menu. Tried, did not work.

Oh, I am supposed to turn on contact form on their site. This is why it did not work. So I assume this is a sort of activation. But this is a bit worrying.

It is not problem to sign up. But I suspect that this makes my site permanently connected with their site. I think I am not going to use it if this is so.

Just getting in from work.
How did you make out?
When you say it makes your site permanently connected with their site, not sure what you mean.

It seems this is a sort of service although the tool is free, but I am not sure. I just asked at WA for opinion.

O.K. I'll watch the thread for opinions.

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