Determining Success can be a Challenge

Last Update: November 28, 2018

I recently took a month or so off from WA and my website for personal reasons. A knee surgery, a new job, a couple weekends away, holidays. I also read a post from someone who was discouraged because there were so many "authority" websites that were the same type of content as his. This made me feel like there is no way I'm going to be able to do it either, since I was in the same niche.

I'm back now, and trying to find the motivation I had a couple months ago before being discouraged. My rank dropped like a rock, by site health also. Although I have a network of over 700, I feel like I lost touch with many that I kept up with often. But one thing that stands out as an obstacle for me back a couple months was where to put my effort.

What actually is success? Is it how many people here I help? Is it my ranking? My network? My website? I am still pretty new, and have taken a few breaks over the past 6 months, because life gets so busy, but I know I am a competitor, and several times I got caught up in trying to move my rank up.

Does rank really matter? It made me feel good to see myself get so close to the top 200 (at 11k now sadly) that I spent much of my time responding to people's posts, trying to give advice, welcoming new people. But in the end isn't it more important to put my efforts into my website? After all, that is what will eventually give me an income.

How do you balance everything? I would love anyone's advice, because without the balance I don't feel very successful in anything.

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rhealth101 Premium
Although you may see other websites with the same content - there is one thing that you have that no one can take away from you. You have you own knowledge in your own way, and you also have your own skills in your own way -- I don't know what they are, but you do have them.

Everyone might have the same niche, and there is nothing wrong with that, however not everyone has the same ideas. That's what makes WA a community, to help each other and share ideas.

Rank is very nice to have here at WA because it's letting other members know that you care about their progress and success and want to help; however, it's not something you want to focus on. Let your rank build with time and knowledge. Don't give up what you are doing, just don't try to "make" rank happen - let rank happen, and it will.

Success is taking things one day at a time, success and being productive each day, success is doing something today that is preparing you for tomorrow, success is progress.

Success is not something that happens in one day, success is something that happens through out your lifetime.
Jadatherapy Premium
Hi Joanne,

Your website should be top of the list because we are in the content business.

Life happens but just remember why you are doing this,

Ranking here at WA will happen eventually.

I was chasing the top one hundred but then realised that I needed more content on my website so this is where my main focus is,

I finish the day over here in the community doing what I can.

I am sure that if you read a few of the blog posts here and tap into the classroom training you will find your way.

They say that knowledge is power but I say the right knowledge is power and we have a lot here on tap.

I also can see that you have answered your question in your post.

All the best
Marley2016 Premium
Thanks for sharing - but you have answered your
own question -
What is more important your Business would be the answer
this is what is going to make you money -
Rank in WA can come after you do the right things by your
Business -
Helping people is always what I have done all my life being
the oldest of four kids.
But when is it time for me comes to mind more often today -
as much as I love helping in WA my time is better spent
working on my Business and that should come first before
anything else at all.
So I made a choice Business first and what time is left over
then I can donate to others within WA - reading blogs or
answering questions.
Motivation comes from within and it does not matter how
many are in the same niche you have your own style just
one blog post can take you to the top.
Research and work - time and work - patience and work -
work and patience - but the rewards will come my friend,
FKelso Premium
I'm still trying to learn the balance trick myself. I think rank is more important at first, because it pushes us into responding to questions, etc., but later, once you have assimilated a lot of training, I don't think it is so important. Right now I am touting setting up a schedule of activities for my day, so I don't end up spending more time at one topic than I should Hope it helps.

Your success in the long run is your website growth. However, in the process of learning, your success depends more on how well you understand the whole process. I'm still working on that one, too.

Good luck to you. Get in touch if you get in a pickle. I'll help if I can.
ExpatMark Premium
Website. Website. Website. That is why we all are here, to make money. I have spent so much time trying to get to the top 100(an original goal I set for myself) that my training and website took a backseat. I have to correct that myself.