Another change, I can make it a good one

Last Update: August 24, 2018

I just packed up my youngest daughter last night, and today she leaves for college. Its her third year, so its not like I am not used to this. I also have 3 other older kids home to keep me company. But just one of them leaving for months changes the dynamics.

It is kind of sad, I love having my kids around. But it will also give me more time to work on my website, as my kids are always up for a game, or want to go to the movies, or take me out for dinner. (Maybe it will be better for my waistline too!)

I guess change influences all of us at some point. Its how we handle it that matters. So, I plan to handle it with focusing more on my goals. My nights may be quieter, so that will help me build my website. My weekends will be less busy, so I can get my creative side going and create more content. Maybe next year this time I will have earned my first commission.

I hope those of you out there in the same situation, sending kids off to college, take the time ahead that is a little freer, and make the most of it too. Its hard to leave the emotions behind, but we need to focus on moving forward.

And remember….. THEY WILL BE BACK!!!

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ABerkeley1 Premium
We need to take advantage of our time. Prioritizing WA task. This is how we lay the ground work to become successful over the long run! Thanks for your share!
EandS2018 Premium
Great advice.
jeooms Premium
Thank you! Same to you
tcw22 Premium
Enjoy the kids, for they grow up and "poof" are gone fast.
Some things can get in the way and hinder your business, these things you must apply personal discipline to and and eliminate as need be. But there is a priority line and family ,in my opinion, supersedes most everything.
Hang in there and keep on keepin on
jeooms Premium
My kids are pretty grown up now, and I miss some of those days when they were little. So I enjoy every moment I have with them. But if I have to let one go back to college, I will use the free time the best way I can. Thanks for your encouragement!