Have a WAnderful day! – My Story So Far

Last Update: January 23, 2018

As I move on to the Certification Courses, I’m now finalizing Lesson 10 of Certification Level 2, tasks are piling up and the number of hours I need to devote should also increase. However, the amount of knowledge I have learned is very overwhelming and due to this, my focus has never been this clear. It’s becoming more and more exciting and fun and the more I do it, the more I realize this is what I wanted to be doing.

I created this blog to express my gratitude, I just feel like telling it to everyone. I’d like to thank Kyle and Carson for this wonderful platform, the WA community, the live chats, the creator and their training materials, the blogs; all of this stuff is making my life easier as I move forward.

I hope you guys are having the same experience!

I do believe that a higher power will make it happen so long as we’re doing our best, we don’t give up, we believe that we can make it and it’s clear to us what we really want to achieve, regardless of the drawbacks. Keep in mind; obstacles are there to challenge how bad we really want it!

In the next few months, I will continue creating contents to my site in order to hone my writing skills guided by the training in writing contents and to gain authority in order for Google to start noticing. After the Certification Courses, I will jump to Affiliate Bootcamp and start my Affiliate blogs and I am very positive that conversion is just around the corner. Nothing worth having comes easy, and I’m determined to do it, not perfectly but efficiently. The good thing here in WA, I’m enjoying every second!

Hope you’re all having a WAnderful day!

All the best,

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imthedamo Premium
Great job Jenni, keep it up.
jenni1309 Premium
Thanks, Damo. :)
GlenPalo Premium
It's very motivating isn't it, Jenni? Onward and upward!
jenni1309 Premium
Yes it is, thank you for dropping by!