What Are You Doing Today?

Last Update: April 16, 2016

Are you working on your website?

If you're working on your website, are you REALLY working or are you just spending time on WA (maybe chatting),not getting anything done?

One easy way to ensure you do accomplish stuff is to schedule stuff for you to do. Set time aside to do specific tasks and then do those tasks when you're supposed to. You're the boss. You better do what you're supposed to or you'll get in trouble. Maybe even quit your job if you're not getting anything done.

For example...and anyone can do this, newbie or someone who's been around for years...Comment On Other's Websites. If you have your website set up with at least one post or page consider going to the SiteRubix section of your WA account (left-hand side of the screen) and click on the “comments” section.

From the “comments” section click on “offer comments” (earn 1 credit). You'll be able to visit a website, read a page/post and comment on it. Please offer well-thought-out, relevant feedback. Do this 2 times and you can cash in your credits for 1 comment on one of your websites on any page or post of your choosing.

Personally, I leave a minimum of 4 comments a day on other's websites and in return I receive 2 comments a day on my website.

Leaving comments and getting comments is the 1st thing I do when I go to WA each day. It's part of my daily work schedule.

If I'm not too tired/burn out from working, I will do it again as the last thing I do before I leave WA for the day.

Why does this matter?

  • It adds new content to your site every day. According to Kyle, Google and the other search engines like fresh content added consistently to your website so your website doesn't appear to be dormant. And Google doesn't discern between new posts/pages on one hand and comments on the other hand. That means new comments count as new content added to your website every day you get them.

  • Commenting on someone's website doesn't take that long to do so it's a lot easier and faster to post a couple of comments on other's websites than it is to research and write a whole new article for your website. Consequently I know that after a few minutes of working I already have new content on my website for that day.

  • You'll be helping out others to get new content posted onto their websites.

  • If you make this a habit, you'll find out what a lot of your peers do with their websites, and that will give you ideas for new content or new approaches to what you've been doing.

It's a no-lose situation.

This blog post is long enough now, but I have more ideas on the subject “what are you doing today?” that I will blog about later. Please feel free to offer your ideas to this thread.

And know this: You don't accomplish as much in a day as you think (when you stay focused) and in so doing you will accomplish way more in a year than you ever thought possible.

'Till next time.

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camille88 Premium
This is great idea. Thanks Jeff. Actually I am feeling blocked. Do not know what to write actually. I have posted some posts but do not think they are good. I am always looking at my stats for clicks that never appear. I might as well do comments like you say. At least I will do something for a WA friend. Perhaps something for me also. Who knows? Power to you Jeff.
docub Premium
We ALL feel blocked at one time or another. I find shifting gears and thinking outside my usual box helps. What I mean by that is that I will look at things backwards & sideways, i.e. from a different point of view. So, this idea of commenting on others sites, forums or whatever is a great 'out of the box" for me. Thanks for one of the "simple things" that often escape us! Nice idea.
joyweb Premium
That is a good idea. Thank you. I am not very fast in writing new content. This sounds like a good solution.
JeffKent Premium
I've picked up some ideas from other websites that I didn't even know I can do. Some of the stuff I have put on my site already, and some other stuff I need to learn how to do.
JudeP Premium
Great points, thank you :)
JeffKent Premium
Thank you, Jude