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I signed up at WA the last week of February 2016.To date, no sales. I referred 1 person who I know personally and spoke with face-to-face about WA. She didn't register as a member.I can't be sure, but I think nearly all the traffic at my website (which isn't much) has come from WA members doing tit-for-tat comments. Here are my website's stats as reported by WA.I checked some of my website's page/post rankings using the last 15 free searches I had on my JAAXY account.The good news: All of my RE
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I am an Amazon affiliate, but that's beside the point.Here's the deal. I am going to buy an inexpensive green scree (under $20) at Amazon. I just went to Amazon and found what I wanted. I was going to purchase it. And then I thought, "Wait a minute! I'll bet someone at WA would like to get a commission on the sale."So I went on to think, "I'll post a blog at WA and see if I can get someone a commission for my purchase" Why not?First one to let me know they are an Amazon affiliate, I'll go to y
April 16, 2016
Are you working on your website?If you're working on your website, are you REALLY working or are you just spending time on WA (maybe chatting),not getting anything done?One easy way to ensure you do accomplish stuff is to schedule stuff for you to do. Set time aside to do specific tasks and then do those tasks when you're supposed to. You're the boss. You better do what you're supposed to or you'll get in trouble. Maybe even quit your job if you're not getting anything done.For example...and an