Don't Want to Invest in Your Online Business? How You Expect to See Returns or Results?

Last Update: May 27, 2021

Don't Want to Invest in Your Online Business? How You Expect to See Returns or Results.

If We Don't Invest in Our Business, Especially an Entrepreneur, Affiliate Marketer, Freelancer, How Do We Expect to See Returns or Results?

It can be a Free or Paid resource, and yes, you can try doing things without them. But by learning and then implementing, you must have a higher chance of understanding and succeeding in it.

So, what kind of investment should this be?

=> The time investing in free blogs, YouTube videos, Free eBooks, newsletters, and podcasts, and so on.

=> Paid investment in courses like here in Wealthy Affiliate, books, and mentors is essential, and you need to judge if the system and mentor are credible and have helped achieved similar results that you want, for themselves and other people.

=> Efficiency investment for tools that can save time spent on a manual task that can be quickly and automated. Or "tools" that enhance the quality of your work.

=> And tech that you will need to work better. It can be a laptop, armchair, desk, wireless mouse, and others. It entirely depends on what you need to work better.

You don't have to start making your investments immediately, but as you move forward, if you think of earning money without any investment in your business, it will not get you results.

Do you start investing in yourself?

When planning to invest in yourself, a great way to support is to separate the needs from the wants. If I want a better Camera and or a high-quality Webcam, but the question is, do I need it to achieve better results? Would it be good lighting and some color correction not achieving the same results? If we can not afford it for the time being, yes, it's a good point. But as we scale up, later on, we can expand and invest in more and better things for our business.

What do you think, guys? Do you have something to share or experience?

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That's all for today, my beloved WA Family.

Have a good day and a happy Thursday!

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NicholaJames Premium
Hi Joce,

Great post with excellent tips! It is important to invest in ourselves and in our businesses. We will be able to scale up our businesses and in so doing we can increase the income our businesses make as well as the return on our investments in our businesses.

Have a great weekend! Wishing you the very best!

Kind regards,
JEaston Premium Plus
Thank you so much, Nichola!

Thank you that you enjoyed reading it, my friend.

Yes, we need to invest in our businesses to see progress and returns to it.

Thank you and best wishes,

Kind regards,
NicholaJames Premium
You are welcome. Thank you! 😊😍
JEaston Premium Plus
:-) :-) :-)
Isaiah14 Premium
I spend a lot of my free time still investing in myself in some way, such as reading, listening to podcast/audible books. I also take different courses and online communities to help me with my niches, similar to the WA community here.

Appreciate the post Joyce.
Isaiah 😊
JEaston Premium Plus
Hello Isaiah!
Wow! Thank you so much that you like them, my friend.
Thanks for reading and for stopping by, my friend.
All the best,
Very informative post Joyce , new members and even professional has to know that they have to invest in their business some where along the way , like an upgrade in gadgets, some books some apps, some software, maybe auto-responder , maybe a desk or a chair , but every one has to invest to grow , no investment equal very minimal and slow growth , very good topic Joyce nice one
JEaston Premium Plus
Hello Hentley, my friend.
Thank you so much for your own insight and sharing, my friend.
Yes, you are right; I upgraded the gadgets, computers, and others to have a chance to grow our business and see good results.

Thank you so much for your comment and for stopping, my friend.
Best wishes,

Jessiefido Premium Plus
Hi my friend Joyce!

In any business we always need to invest in ourselves. Whether it is money, time or both, without doing so, success will be very difficult to achieve!

I hope your Thursday went well my great friend, try not to sleep too late and be smiley and happy Joyce!!:-):-)
JEaston Premium Plus
Wow, friend Nick! Thank you for your kind Insight, my friend; what you have written is all right! We need to invest money and time, and effort, and things. To be able to succeed in our business!

Thank you for your comment and for stopping my friend; I appreciate it very much.

I try my best to sleep early, my friend, but as always, this is very calm here, no cars, no other noise, so it is perfect for writing an article you can really concentrate on.

But yes, I have to do it, I said, I already felt back pain, my friend, so I need a little rest. I try to go round with my bike at 5 PM today, but only 30 minutes and back home. Tomorrow I schedule to my garden might help.

I hope you're fine over there, my friend, take care always and use your vacation to take a rest too.

Thank you, and happy Thursday!
More blessings!

Your best friend, still smiley,

Joyce :-) :-) :-)