Has anyone else seen this?

Last Update: March 11, 2014

"Google Embraces Affiliate Marketing With Business Referral Program"

If you can refer clients to the Google Apps program, you'll get $15 per referral.

The benefits for people to try GA is this:

-Offers "@yourdomain.com email address with more storage and guaranteed uptime.

Users can refer unlimited amount of customers, but are limited to 100 seats per customer account created. To prevent fraud, customers have to stay on past the fourth month.

Unlimited referrals, plus up to 100 seats per customer can lead to Affiliate Marketers earning $1500 per customer.

The drawback? This program is only available (as it stands for now) in US and Canada.

I anyone interested?


There are ready to use email and website templates as well. WIN-WIN!

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LinDash01 Premium
What a shame it isn't in Australia as well :( oh well... Hope you do really well with it.
Jeannette Premium
I feel like US and Canada are the pilot countries, and it won't be long before it's offered everywhere.. Keep an eye out! If I hear of them moving outward, I'll repost here for everyone!
WrightA Premium
Oo good to know!! Thanks for sharing!!
SowAndReap Premium
thanks for the info! I will check it out.
Wayne Wallace Premium
Where do I get the affiliate link and templates?
Jeannette Premium

start here. they send you an email with your unique link and web and email templates.

Here's what my web template looks like:

Wayne Wallace Premium
Cool thanks
Wayne Wallace Premium
Nice Thanks for the tip I use Apps