This is a test

Last Update: November 25, 2017

Yesterday I submitted a post to Wealthy Affiliate ONLY.

Not knowing whether I was supposed to click on "Success Post?" in green

or on "Publish" in blue, I used Publish because it seemed more logical.

My post disappeared ! So I am now going to test using the other one.

If it works, please just ignore this tale of woe. If it does not work, well you

will not have been bothered while I will have to find some more help.

JeanLouis87 Nov. 25, 2017

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miamibeach7 Premium
YOU did it Jean! I can SEE and READ your post. Tom
bobrseno Premium
I'm able to see this post so... all good.

By the way, you can choose Success Post when you're reporting a particular success you've had, i.e., finishing a level in training. In all your "internal" blog posts you are communicating with the WA members.

Always feel free to ask questions. I'm pretty much just starting out here but I've found the community to be so responsive and, in many instances, quick!

All the best to you
MKearns Premium
Through loud and clear Jean!
DBeatty Premium
It's like "Tell me if you don't get this."

Looks like it was successful this time.
mikewood1975 Premium
I am seeing this so the test worked.