Food for Thought NO.2

Last Update: December 10, 2016

Hi there everybody. Another thought for the day is Money. How we are slaves to it. How it control our lives and what we will do for it. Weather we like it or not we are slaves to money and it rule our lives. Some kill for it,some are attached to over a 12 hour work day for it like I am. Some are possessed by it and we can not live with out it. But what if we can turn the scenario around and let money be slaves for us in other words money work for you and you do not work for money. I am glad and happy to say that is exactly what each and everyone of us are doing now at this moment being here at WA and YOU reading this post. The opportunities are endless with this venture. Kyle,Carson and every person here will tell you never to give up,if your sales does not come through within the first month do not be discouraged give it time and think about it this way. Opening a shop will cost you thousands just to open your doors and then there are the overheads and wages to consider but here you can start at a low affordable cost and expand to what ever measures you want to. Just do not give up. Failure does not mean that you could not do something,failure is giving up on something that could have been. I do not want to live with that feeling of what could have been. It is better to say have given it my absolute all and now I can free myself of the slavery that I endured my whole life and get rid of the debts that has holstered me from reaching my full potential. It can all be a reality and never get discouraged because you are doing it for YOURSELF and YOUR family. God Bless everyone and speak soon.

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Great blogs.
Thank you
jeankoen2 Premium
Well said. Thank you very much. It is true to help others and the rest will be taken care of.
onmyownterms Premium
Not everyone is obsessed with or controlled by money. If you focus on helping people first, the money takes care of itself.