Something to cheer my page is in the first page in Yahoo

Last Update: January 24, 2018

Yes this is a sign of encouragement for me. One of the post is in the first page in Yahoo search engine. But no sign in Google and Bing. Google did not like me!!!! Just kidding. I hope that it is going to be work in coming days. I did little experiment on that post. Choose low competitive keyword below 100 QSR because my target is to see rank in search engine. For backlink I use Quora.

Search for relevant questions and write answer and point the readers to my site for details. I add website url to my signature in profile. And it works

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BBurchett1 Premium
Great information and congrats!
imthedamo Premium
Good Deal my friend. It's like having a lousy day at golf and then making that last birdie putt - all of a sudden you're all fired up again haha. Awesomesauce go write some more posts.
MKearns Premium
Yahoo! Jesse. Terrific!
YvetteC2 Premium
CONGRATULATIONS! That is awesome news! Keep up the great work. It is all going to fall in place for you.

Wishing you continued success,