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Hi Guys You can be world no.1. There is nothing impossible out there. Your page can be rank in the first page in search engine. I followed what Kyle taught in the lessons.5 Google algorithm changes almost everyday but their mission goal never changes. So far my two post rank in the first page and site is 2 months old. I am trying my best to put more and more post but I am bit slow. Anyway this outcome encourage me more to work harder. I am not looking here how far I have to go but looking back
Yes this is a sign of encouragement for me. One of the post is in the first page in Yahoo search engine. But no sign in Google and Bing. Google did not like me!!!! Just kidding. I hope that it is going to be work in coming days. I did little experiment on that post. Choose low competitive keyword below 100 QSR because my target is to see rank in search engine. For backlink I use Quora. Search for relevant questions and write answer and point the readers to my site for details. I add website url
I wake up in the morning on 16th December 2017 and checking my email as usual. Adsense email is in the top spot. "CONGRATULATION" it reads.I am so happy and its a long wish for me.I have tried 2 or 3 times on Google adsense on my old free blog site.But my site was not approved at that time. But this time I don't miss it. Though my first objective was not for Google Adsense I have done it. I am surprised that I have created my website on 29th November 2017 and got approve on 16th December 2017.
December 02, 2017
I have started quite some hiccup in the middle but finished it on reviewing on Wealthy Affiliate program. Its my first post on my site but it is the important steping stone. It lays the foundation and more importantly I have got the email that my site has been indexed by google. Ahahah!! now I need the turbo engine to dump the some quality contents in my blog. . one after another. Nothing gonna stop decided till I made it.When I am writing a post I have to constantly fight wit
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November 27, 2017
I tried my first hand on building my own website. It was exciting everything comes quite easy. But it was a initial stage nothing to post now. I am bit confuse little bit choosing the domain name first. My niche is on the solar lights for the time being. It was in free site right now and I have not yet comes up with the perfect domain name yet . Hopefully I will find out the less competitive keywords for the name. Overall i am good at now.Here it is nothing now just another wordpress http://s