One Month at Wealthy Affiliate

Last Update: March 02, 2016

So here I am, one whole month in and MAN what a month it's been.

I now have my first website up and running. Check it out here: If you feel like it. I must admit it is a little shy of content at the minute, but that's because I am a perfectionist and at the minute it is taking me days to write posts for my website.

I also have a second site in the making, but it is nowhere near ready to showcase just yet, more on that in another post.

I've felt so at home and welcome here since the moment I joined and the help and guidance I've received from so many of you has been truly humbling. I only hope that one day I can pay back the kindness I have been shown by the community.

Goals wise I have completed everything I set out to do in my first month here at WA, so that feels great, I'm now moving onto the goals I have set myself for the next 6 months, which will hopefully see both of my websites up and running in a fully operational state, populated with content. And hopefully I'll be able to say I have made my first income in 6 months time, if I haven't you may find me crying in a corner until I kick myself back into touch.

I know admittedly one month in is early days, but I am feeling extremely positive for the future. I can see the road to my success and me achieving my goals and my dreams mapped out in front of me. I know I need to stay disciplined and on target, but I know that as I go further down that road the easier it will be to stay on track.

If I am to pass on one piece of advice, it will be this: keep your head down and keep grafting away, it may seem hard at times but as long as you are willing to put in the hard work and follow the training you are given success is only a stone's throw away. If you get stuck, ask for help. If you feel that you are not moving forward then take a step back, go through the training again and also ask the questions you need answering. With such a large community here there is bound to be some people that will know how to help you. Remember " the only stupid question is the one not asked".

I would also like give a massive thank you to Kyle and Carson, without whom WA would not exist and I certainly would not be here writing this, so thank you to you, you guys rock!

And also a massive thank you to Edmund, whom I signed up through, the advice you have given me has helped no end.

So....yeah...I think that's about it.

As always...

See You At The Top!

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JCroxford Premium
Thank you all for the awesome feed back, and thank you Edmund for the pointers, I've been trying to reduce the size of my main picture height but have not managed to do that yet, it seems to crop the picture instead of reduce it in size, any idea as to why this is?
edtay78 Premium
I see. It could be due to your theme's setting for the image size. If you look at the theme setting from your WP, is there an indication of the recommended size of the image you should use?
edtay78 Premium
You are most welcome Jake! It's my pleasure to help!

Your website is looking great and it's taking shape! Easy to navigate and your theme is pleasing to the eye.

You have some quality contents in there too. Keep building the quality contents and Google will see this as a valuable site to rank.

Few things for you to consider:

1. Consider using the free plugins from to add social media buttons to your post. Share your post with your friends after you have written them. This will let your articles have some SEO power for rankings. :)

2. Consider reducing your home page's main picture's height. (Supplements, glass and shake up bottles) So that visitors can see part of your contents at a glance without scrolling down too much.

Hope these points are useful to you.

I really loved your advice too. That's the mindset of a Successful person!

As always, if you need a hand with anything, I'm just a PM away. :)

Wishing you the best and see you at the top!
2Al Premium
You've done a lot in a month. Keep it up.
MINDwell Premium
u have done a wonderful job of your website!!