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So yeah final year at uni is officially a killer, I have no time to do anything other than work. I can't skydive, I can't enjoy anytime to myself either at the minute, which inevitably means I have no time to work on my sites.So I'm saving all my posts into documents and keeping them safe for when all this hell is over and I can again concentrate on building my business, until then however I will be deactivating my account as the sites aren't ranking anywhere near high enough to make any money
July 20, 2016
If some of you guys have read my last blog post "A Bitter Circle" you'll know I've been having a hard time getting things done here recently, and I was feeling a bit down about it, as in really down about it as I felt like I was failing which is not a nice place to be.Well since that blog I think I've only had one night off of WA (not quite perfect I know, but it is a damn site better than where I was previously). I'm smashing through lessons and updating my websites with new content and just g
July 13, 2016
So as the name of this blog post suggests it may be a bit of a "myeh" post.So over the past couple of months I have not really been online and not really done any work to my website, or much within the community (as my current rank would suggest, it's slipped from the mid 600s) which really really annoys me as I'm the only one that make my dreams come true. I seem to get motivated, get back in here and then I'm dragged away with work or coursework ( I handed a 50,000+ word portfolio in at the e
So.....Its's been a while since I posted on here, life has got hectic the past 6 weeks. I've been pulled from pillar to post with work and university coursework as well as learning about other things.I felt immensely down recently as it feels as if I have no time to work on me and better myself. My website hasn't seen any love for the past month or so as my work load in other areas of my life has been stupid. This will all change in two weeks when I have hit deadline with my coursework. I will
March 15, 2016
Well this last week has been so long and hard work wise that I have not really had much time to be online here at WA and this makes me sad...But...I did get to indulge in one of my many passions and got a few cheeky skydives in at the weekend. So as one door closes and all that.I have today eventually finished a post to my website that I felt was never going to get finished though which feels brilliant. If you want to check it out feel free to check my website out.So again this a more motivatio
So here I am, one whole month in and MAN what a month it's been. I now have my first website up and running. Check it out here: If you feel like it. I must admit it is a little shy of content at the minute, but that's because I am a perfectionist and at the minute it is taking me days to write posts for my website.I also have a second site in the making, but it is nowhere near ready to showcase just yet, more on that in another post.I've felt so at home and welcome he
February 24, 2016
So yesterday was the first day since I've been part of the wealthy affiliate community that I wasn't online working on my website or going through training etc. but it was the first day in nearly a month that I managed to spend some quality time with my other half. She is incredibly supportive and understands that for me to make this work I need to dedicate time to it and yesterday was no different but I felt that I owed her my time and dedication yesterday and I feel 10x better and more motiva
February 19, 2016
So it's been a week or so since I finished the level one on line entrepreneurship course and I've been getting stuck into the level 2 course, but damn it's hard to create content. I've literally been writing the same post for about 2 days now and it doesn't look like it will be finished any time soon.I think my problem is that I'm too busy trying to write the perfect content that I'm not posting it and I guess that I feel I'm slowing myself down/feel like I'm not making progress at a fast enoug
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February 12, 2016
Ok this is a bit of a progress update/keep your chin up post.So I have my first site, I have my first domain, but I haven't created much content for it yet. Now this may seem like a bad thing, but I'm slowly building my website structure. I feel having the right structure on your website is extremely important as this is what your audience is going to see when they land on your site. Having the right structure, I believe, will also help you organise your thoughts and post overall better content
February 07, 2016
So not something strictly marketing related but would still love everyone's feedback. As you all may or may not know my band and my music are very big passions in my life and attached in this blog is the acoustic version of my band's new track "Pictures and Memories" now I wouldn't normally ask to share it on here or ask people to listen to it but this song is very special to me because I wrote it when my best friend passed away last year and I would love to know if you feel the song would have