You Can Do It!

Last Update: February 01, 2019

We all have our doubts and fears, but do not allow them to get the best of you. You can do whatever you put your mind to. If at first you dont succeed just keep on trying until you get it.

Writing is one of my weakness, but I tell myself one word at time leads to a sentense and then to a paragraph. So Here I am puting one word at a time on my blog.

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gurugifts Premium
Just got yo read yr post feeling inspired from where you got image i want to try some like this
greensail Premium
Essentially I am lazy when it comes to writing. I like reading, but being an author ?.
I have a four day break from work.
This morning, up as usual at 5.00 am. Turn on the computer and make a coffee.
Check emails, log into WA put up a headline, back to the kitchen a bowl of cereal and go to the T.V. Channel surf, nothing on at that time of the morning.
Back to the computer, think about the structure, a couple of ideas for paragraph headings, jot them down, making an effort to get serious.
Back to the kitchen, make some toast, look outside, little chance of rain, the lawn needs mowing.
Fuel up mower and grass trimmer.
Too early to fire them up, go across the road and have a coffee and chat with the shopkeeper.
Back home and mow the yard. job done, look at carport, about time I cleaned the roof and gutter of debris from the tree overhanging it, so up the ladder with a broom and a pair of gloves.
Another chore done,
Shower, throw some clothes into the washing machine. Check cupboard and fridge for food, make some lunch.
Lunch made, back to T.V. Cricket is on.
Finish lunch, back to watching cricket, fall asleep. (watching motor racing does that to me too. :-) ).
Wake up, cricket is still on, washing is done, hang it out to dry.
11 hours later... Check out emails, messages from WA. hmmm , Training, 43% through phrase 3 of boot camp.. better write something. So I have started, Here !.
Better move on to my new draft.
Interestingly I wrote more than 94% of people on WA during January.
TommyVTE Premium
Nice positive post keep it up and going like this
Have a great day
Babou3 Premium
Great post!
Very motivating!

Carmis Premium
Good work. You wrote very nicely. Keep going.
nadishia28 Premium
I could not find the words in the beginning but now it flows
Mick18 Premium
You are doing fine. I'm not a writer either. But I believe it will get easier as we keep moving forward.
DonnieNorton Premium
Hi Joan, I've always loved the saying "if the mind can believe, the body can achieve." I wish you all the best.
Flfaith Premium
You are definitely getting it so that mean you are succeeding. Great job!!!
CandP Premium
You are absolutely right, Joan, one word at a time. For many of us writing does not come naturally but, believe us it does get easier.
Colette and Philip