Cup of tea anyone?

Last Update: Feb 7, 2022

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Join me for a cup of tea! Just realized it's been a few months since I have been in your presence and I will not bore you with all the tiny baby steps I have taken in creating a website..accomplished? Hardly, but I have created a start for a long term business and I would humbly appreciate your insites on this exciting journey! By the way, the cover image for this blog is one of my art paintings from the past. My goals will be to keep investigating, designing and evaluating ideas to go forward! I look forward to hearing from you! Check out my site..Masterpiece Art Supply! Thanks so much! Jamie

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Very awesome, Jamie, and you are an excellent artist too!


Thanks so much for your encouragement Jeff! Wish you all the best!🦋

You're very welcome, Jamie! I wish you the best success in all of your endeavors!


Jamie, you, like me choose to use original art work. Love the picture.

Thanks Barb! Hope you are having an incredible day! 🦋

Yeah, of course! Tea is my big drink.

Love your image of the cup and saucer, brings me right home. I
t is a long upward journey, but keep learning and trying, and there are loads of people to help.
Jamie I would add a picture to the about me page, but looking good.
All the best

Thanks so much Brian, glad I could make you feel at home! Wish you all the best as well!

Jamie, you seem to be well on your way :).
Well done and congratulations on all your achievements so far..
Nice to see that you're enjoying your journey
I wish you well as you continue your training

Thanks so much for the encouragement! Wish you well too!

Awesome ;)

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