Last Update: September 23, 2017

I just wanted to take a minute to share my experience here at Wealthy Affiliate so far. My website is in the "earn money online" niche. The name is I've been at wealthy Affiliate for only a few weeks now but I've gained a lot of knowledge. I have a fully functional website that is indexed by google. Hopefully some of my post will be soon. It's amazing how fast it went.

The community is what I find really amazing. Everyone is extremely supportive and willing to help. I haven't made any money yet but I didn't come into this expecting to get rich quick. It will take time and work and I'm willing to put in both. I had never wrote a blog post in my life before I came to wealthy Affiliate. Now I can! I still sometimes struggle to think of new content to write about but I also second guess my ideas. Getting better though.

I hope within within the next 3-6 months I will possibly be working on another site and my current site and post will be doing better. A little income would be cool too. All in all I couldn't be happier about choosing wealthy affiliate and what I've been able to accomplish so far.

Thanks everyone.


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arielharris7 Premium
Welcome James and wishing you acres of success! Yup, its a slow and steady ride. And I agree..being a part of WA community is so nourishing! ariel
Carol46 Premium
I am grateful for stumbling on WA and wish you every best wish with your website
Tjennings122 Premium
Best wishes for your success!!

TammiP Premium
Thank you for joining us!!

DEversley Premium
Great job!

Writing ideas are all around you. Just make notes as they come. Sometimes they can come from a tv show, from reading, chatting with friends or even listening to the news. Ideas will just pop into your head.

Try getting up around 4 in the am. See if the creativity is flowing then.

All the best of success to you.