New Theme and Cornerstone, Time-Consuming but Lots of Fun!

Last Update: January 31, 2016

Hello Everyone,

I have been busy writing an article on the Early Singing Masters of the Classical Italian School. It has taken me some time to aquaint myself with Cornerstone that I used to write the article. I decided that this would be part one of a two part article evergreen content where I would feature several very famous singing masters or teachers. I am not finished with this. I plan to add my affiliate ads very soon and publish on G+ I just keep tweaking and tweaking.

My family is bugging me to go out and eat with them. Sooooo If I don't respond immediately, I will be back.

Hope you enjoy: Let me know what you think.

Janette (Jazzmom)

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TheBuilder Premium
Hello my dear friend. Here is a right Dose of Encouragement specially for you and for all my other loved ones. I hope that you will love the taste of it.
Wish you all the best.
Kind Regards
Loved the article!
KatieMac Premium
A really nice article , whilst I do enjoy a variety of music my knowledge is somewhat limited
rosieM Premium
I was impressed by how you kept a personal touch throughout the article; you sure did your research! It is great to read, not boring or 'lecture' sounding at all. Fantastic job! Isn't there a command or code that you could put at the last line to jump to a certain point? That way you could direct the reader while they're reading the last line and keep the flow going....I'm not sure on that one.
EMSeven Premium
Beautiful! I don't know much about singing but I still found it to be really interesting content-wise. Just one thing, the two-column layout was a bit distracting as I had to keep scrolling back up to read the next sentence. Other than that, thought it was a very clean, nice layout :)
JAZZmom41 Premium
Thanks EM Seven, I was wondering about that. I tried to keep the sections of text separated. I think the scrolling thing is going to get old for people real fast. I think I will change it. Thanks again.